Bigly Trump is so mad that Jared Kushner wasn’t around to help this week

Embed from Getty Images Bigly Boy Donald Trump’s bigly foray into masterminding the takeover of American healthcare died an inglorious death on Friday. Speaker Paul Ryan ended up pulling the Trumpcare/Ryancare bill at the last minute on Friday afternoon because his own caucus was in disarray and Republicans were split between “I’m scared sh-tless that […]

Prince George’s first big-kid school in London costs $8000 per semester

Prince George of Cambridge is going to big-boy school soon enough! George has been attending a small nursery school in Norfolk for more than a year. The Montessori/nursery school is close to Anmer Hall, and he apparently likes it and he’s got his little schedule and he’s very happy. But Prince William and Kate are […]

The first ‘Justice League’ trailer dropped: cheeseball, awesome or just bland?

Let me be clear about one thing: I’m actually looking forward to Wonder Woman. I think WW looks really good and I’m really rooting for Gal Gadot to kick ass in her solo WW movie, and I hope the film is a huge financial and critical success. If this was a story about Wonder Woman […]

John Mayer wants Katy Perry to know he keeps her shampoo in his shower

I was going to completely ignore John Mayer’s New York Times profile because… it’s John Mayer. But we got some requests for this coverage, so here you go. My thought was… while it used to be fun to laugh at Mayer and his white supremacist crotch, I just felt like… it hasn’t been funny for […]

“Frances McDormand continues to be a national treasure” links

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri looks amazing. This redband trailer is NSFW for language but please watch it! [LaineyGossip] Apparently, Nia Long & Taraji P. Henson hate each other. [Dlisted] It sounds like ICE agents have been wanting to do this for a while. [Jezebel] I love Amanda Peet but chica needs a new stylist. […]

No bueno: Nick Loeb thinks it’s ‘rude & classless’ to speak Spanish

Nick Loeb is a douchebag. I always thought he came across like an entitled butt-munch when he was with Sofia Vergara, but after she dumped him, his Douche Flag started flying freely and it’s been nothing but an exercise in creepiness and WTFery. Go here for our Nick Loeb archives. To sum up a massively […]

Bigly Boy Donald Trump worked hard so he got to play with bigly trucks

Embed from Getty Images I call these photos “BIGLY BOY LOVES BIGLY TRUCKS.” Emperor Baby Fists is so bigly and strong and he is such a Bigly Boy. Bigly Boy had such a hard day – he had to try to pass a bigly healthcare bill which would punish old people and sick people for […]

“Michael Shannon will probably be the villain in ‘Deadpool 2′” links

Michael Shannon will probably be the villain is Deadpool 2: Deadpoolier. [LaineyGossip] Zac Efron does drag for Baywatch: The Movie. [Dlisted] Kiernan Shipka is so grown up! [GoFugYourself] Paris Jackson is living the “fabulous rich hippie” life. [Moe Jackson] Josh Duggar got served. Literally. [Wonderwall] Olivia Wilde’s fake bump looks like a basketball. [Popoholic] I […]

The Queen was in residence at Buckingham Palace during the terrorist attack

Wednesday afternoon in London, a terrorist struck in the heart of London. I’m calling the assailant a terrorist because British law enforcement says that this incident is being investigated as a terrorist attack. The terrorist ran his car into foot pedestrians outside of Parliament. The terrorist then stabbed a police officer, killing him, and then […]

Us Weekly: Melania & Baby Fists don’t sleep in the same bed or the same room

We’ve passed the moment where Ivanka and Melania Trump are the “sympathetic” members of the Trump family, correct? Even Saturday Night Live is calling out Ivanka (Complicit!), and it feels like people are really over the fact that Melania Trump sits in New York penthouse, wasting millions of taxpayer dollars a day. Well, as we […]

It’s almost like Baby Fists wants to be investigated by an independent committee

Embed from Getty Images It was always going to come out: we were always going to learn about the FBI’s investigation into the connections between the Trump campaign and Russia. The stories were happening before Election Day, and the developments were always going to be part of the larger narrative of treason and espionage around […]

Gwyneth Paltrow won’t eat octopi because ‘octopus are too smart to be food’

I am not a vegetarian. I admire vegetarians because, in my mind, it takes more effort to stick with vegetarianism and have good food to eat. For years, I didn’t eat red meat but then one day I really wanted a steak and now I have red meat once or twice a month, usually when […]

Ivanka Trump has hired a Hollywood stylist for her White House makeover

Can I just say? I was slightly surprised by the outrage over Ivanka Trump’s new West Wing office. While Ivanka disgusts me and many people, I thought the announcement – that Ivanka would be getting a West Wing office, security clearance and a government-issued phone – would be met with little more than a shrug. […]