“Was Kendall Jenner the worst-dressed person at Cannes?” links

Was Kendall Jenner the worst-dressed person at Cannes? [Wonderwall] Are Odell Beckham Jr. & Iggy Azalea a thing now? [Dlisted] Texas wants to become the most transphobic state. [Jezebel] Blake Lively got another job, this one sounds better. [LaineyGossip] This is not the look, Diane Kruger. [Go Fug Yourself] Melania Trump is not your feminist […]

Donald Trump unsurprisingly embarrassed America at the NATO summit

Embed from Getty Images Yesterday was the worst. I realize that we live in a global society, and the rest of the world is paying attention to what happens within America, and of course I realized that the rest of the world was appalled by everything involving Emperor Bigly. But it’s one thing to know […]

Montanans voted for the violent psycho who ‘body slammed’ a journalist

Embed from Getty Images I went to bed before the polls closed in Montana last night. I didn’t want to see the results. I’m not going to claim that I was some moody, all-knowing, prophetic Cassandra, but after the 2016 presidential election, I will never again doubt the ability of white people to vote against […]

The Dirty Dancing remake was a flop: is anyone surprised?

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Photos: WENN.com, Getty Images

“Lance Armstrong was still able to find someone willing to marry him” links

She said….. YES!!!! A post shared by Lance Armstrong (@lancearmstrong) on May 23, 2017 at 8:24pm PDT Who would want to marry Lance Armstrong at this point? This lady. [Dlisted] Here’s the first glimpse of Donald Glover in the Spider-Man movie. [IDLY] ABC’s Dirty Dancing remake was the worst. [LaineyGossip] The new poster for Spider-Man […]

Melania Trump has been a practicing Catholic this whole time & no one knew

Donald and Melania Trump left Italy yesterday and headed to Belgium. I’m already sorry, Belgium. I know our president/emperor sucks so hard. Please don’t hate America! Most of us know that he sucks too. The photo above is from the Trumps’ visit with King Filip and Queen Mathilde of Belgium, at the Royal Palace in […]

Prince Harry wants to ‘acclimatize’ Meghan to royal life before proposing

On an average day, I can feel it in my bones that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will get married. Like, it just feels like everything clicked, that Meghan is The One. But on a bad day, I will admit to having small doubts. The next few months are going to be tricky, I feel. […]

Republican Greg Gianforte ‘body slammed’ a reporter for asking a question

Embed from Getty Images This chinless wonder is named Greg Gianforte. He’s the Republican running in Montana’s special election to be Montana’s sole representative to the House. What was a minor political story of a special election – most of the articles used the race as a proxy for the larger Trump-versus-Democrats national story – […]

Queen Elizabeth to Manchester victims: Ariana Grande is ‘a very good singer’

This story honestly made me tear up. I make jokes about how Queen Elizabeth is at the point where she doesn’t GAF about much of anything besides corgis and horses, but this just shows the opposite is true: the Queen cares. A LOT. And she’s good at caring. The Queen made a surprise visit to […]

“David Letterman ripped into Donald Trump yet again” links

Embed from Getty Images David Letterman ripped into Donald Trump again in a GQ interview. [The Blemish] Mary J. Blige broke up a Cannes fight between Kate Moss & some mess. [Dlisted] Three arrests have been made in connection with the Manchester attack. [Jezebel] Again, Mariah Carey is back that backup dancer. [LaineyGossip] Salma Hayek’s […]

“Sir Roger Moore has passed away at the age of 89″ links

Rest in peace, Sir Roger Moore. He has passed away at the age of 89. [Pajiba] Leonardo DiCaprio is already browsing models in Cannes. [LaineyGossip] Johnny Depp needs to be surrounded by the sausage party. [Dlisted] James Corden dedicated some time to Manchester. [Buzzfeed] Kendall Jenner’s one-piece swimsuit looks vintage. [Moe Jackson] I think the […]

Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Joe Alwyn is moving to LA, for Swifty & his career

I really wonder what the Taylor Swift Boyfriend Experience really entails. Like, what is promised beforehand? Do boyfriends have to sign anything? Is there a requirement about “meeting the family”? Is there a guaranteed number of pap strolls? And is there any kind of financial incentive, or are the boyfriends merely expected to hustle on […]

Vanity Fair has four exclusive, incredible covers for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

OoooOOOoo. Star Wars: The Last Jedi doesn’t come out until December, but I guess it’s never too early to make the Star Wars stans completely freak out. Vanity Fair teamed with photographer Annie Leibovitz and the cast of The Last Jedi for a series of exclusive VF covers. And these covers are so incredible. The […]