AC/DC Co-Founder and Guitarist Malcolm Young Dead at 64

Malcolm Young, AC/DC guitarist and co-founder of the iconic band died on Saturday at the age of 64.

“Today it is with deep heartfelt sadness that AC/DC has to announce the passing of Malcom Young,” AC/DC wrote in a statement shared on social media.

“Malcolm, along with Angus, was the founder and creator of AC/DC. With enormous dedication and commitment he was the driving force behind the band. As a guitarist, songwriter and visionary he was a perfectionist and a unique man. He always stuck to his guns and did and said exactly what he wanted. He took great pride in all that he endeavored. His loyalty to the fans was unsurpassed,” the band continued.

In the same statement, Malcolm’s brother and bandmate Angus Young added, “As his brother it is hard to express in words what he has meant to me during my life, the bond we had was unique and very special. He leaves behind an enormous legacy that will live on forever. Malcolm, job well done.”

In a statement from the Australian Associated Press, it was revealed that Malcolm died peacefully Saturday with his family by his side.

“Renowned for his musical prowess, Malcolm was a songwriter, guitarist, performer, producer and visionary who inspired many,” the band said. “From the outset, he knew what he wanted to achieve and, along with his younger brother, took to the world stage giving their all at every show. Nothing less would do for their fans.”

In 2014, it was announced that Malcolm had been diagnosed with dementia and was taking a break from the band.

In 1973, Angus and Malcolm co-founded the Australian band together — vocalist Bon Scott later joined the following year — and in 1984, Malcolm told PEOPLE that the story behind their band name was simple: “You could simply remember it; that’s why we chose it. We were still young and naive.”

Remembering one of the band’s early gigs in Melbourne, Malcolm revealed that, “Upfront, bisexual women would come in and hold up vibrators…They had T-shirts on with holes cut out in front, and their boobs were poking through. It was great.”

AC/DC has released dozens of massive hits throughout the band’s lengthy career including “Highway to Hell,” “You Shook Me All Night Long,” and “Back to Black.”

Ben Platt on Saying Goodbye to Dear Evan Hansen and Being Broadway’s Sexiest Star

Ben Platt found breakout success this year playing the title character in Broadway’s Dear Evan Hansen, where he gave an emotionally raw performance that earned him rave reviews, a Tony for best actor in a musical and a spot in PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive issue as the Sexiest Broadway Performer in the Men of the Year list.

And now, as the 24-year-old Pitch Perfect alum gets ready to leave the show that made him a household name (his last performance is Sunday), he’s sitting down down with PEOPLE to discuss his final days in the role, his plans for the future — and that time he met Beyoncé.

PEOPLE: What’s it like to come to the end of the run?
Platt: A little bit surreal! I’ve been on this journey for 3½ years so it’s obviously going to be a very emotional transition. But I’ve been trying hard to sort of take it in, not let it pass by too quickly, appreciate each show as they’re getting less and less. And I’m looking forward to taking a rest and giving my body a break. Being 24 for a second will be nice.

Will you be stealing things from the theater? 
I’m definitely going to take my New Balances because I’ve had them since Washington, D.C. They are barely still workable shoes, so I don’t think anybody wants them. I would really like to steal my polo, but we’ll see if I can get away with that. I have my opening night cast form D.C., Second Stage, Broadway, the Today Show, the Tony Awards cast, my birthday — I’ve got all the casts. So those will always be there.

Ben Platt in Dear Evan HansenDear Evan Hansen (2016)
Ben Platt

Have you thought about that last performance yet?
Yeah. Sometimes when I can’t sleep at night, that’s where I go. Whenever there’s a big looming milestone, it always floats into your mind — leading up to the Tonys, my mind would go there, thinking, ‘What’s that night going to be like?’… leading up to opening night, it was the same thing. It’s hard to predict. I know it’ll be a really emotional thing and I’m really happy my whole family will be in town to see it. At this point, I’m hoping I can literally and logistically get through the show without stopping every 5 minutes. But at the same time, I don’t want to wish away these last few shows. I’d like to appreciate each of the ones I have left.

What will you do the day after?
I’ll probably be awake until long into the day after. I plan to just really live it up afterwards and go for it, which I have not done so in quite sometime. Then, I just want to take it as easy as possible. I’m going home for Thanksgiving, so I’ll get to see the whole family, which I’m really looking forward to. And then in the weeks immediately after, I’ll be working on my album, which will be a nice change. It’s a little bit more than a relaxed schedule than eight shows a week.

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This show and Evan’s story in particular has really resonated with fans, who I know have met you at the stage door with their own tales of depression, suicide, etc. How have you handled that responsibility?
It’s really not limited to the stage door. People want to really open up after they see it, which is a beautiful thing. This morning I was walking to SoulCycle and I had a woman approach me on the street and say she had come to really love the show — she listens to it every morning — because it made her appreciate each individual person. She had been hospitalized for anorexia for a long time and with the anonymity of the other girls that were in treatment with her, she now wished she had gotten to know them more. So it kind of follows us wherever we go, and I’m sure will follow me for years to come.

But also I’ve just tried really hard to ride the line of being open and empathetic and available to that, while also not offering any counsel and advice. Because I’m not really in the position to do that. I’m not really an expert. I’m figuring out my own stuff, like everybody is. I just want them to know that they’re heard and that the reason we’re doing it is because it means so much to them. All you hope for as a performer is that your work moves people to the point where it changes their path.

Where are you hoping this next year takes you?
There’s some TV things in the works that I’m kind of excited about. Getting to live with one character for a long time is where I’ve found myself the most comfortable, and TV let’s you do that. I’d love to do some films, of course. I loved the sort of broad comedy of Pitch Perfect – it was an amazing way to get my feet wet and get my sea legs. But I’d love to do a film that has a bit more of an Even Hansen-type of layer.

I’ll be working on my album. I just started writing my own music which is something that is really brand new for me and very exciting and very terrifying because I have no sort of reference of how these songs are. It’ll definitely be a pop album and I would love to be in the piano-heavy Sam Smith/Adele/Ben Folds/storyteller-pop lane. Because that’s the music that I love.

And you’ll come back to Broadway eventually?
I don’t think I’ll be able to stay away for too long. I certainly will take a break after this, but there’s a lot of things I would love to do — musicals and plays I’d love to take a crack at in the coming years.  Lots of things still on the bucket list, so I will be back.

For more about Ben Platt, pick up PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive issue, on newsstands now.

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Well when you do, you can carry PEOPLE’s Sexiest Broadway Performer title with you!I’m honored!

What’s sexy about Broadway?
It’s a place where people shut it down like nowhere else. People really lay themselves on the line and really just kind of go for it. No holds barred, total commitment. You can’t really hide anywhere on Broadway. You can’t fake it. You just sort of have to put up or shut up. And that’s incredibly sexy to see someone like that. When I go see someone in a show and they’re just giving every fiber of their being and their throwing it down, that’s incredibly attractive for me.

Do you feel sexy on stage?
It’s a hard to because this character is so sort of the antithesis of sexy since he’s so vulnerable and exposed and messy. In performance, “sexy” is not really where my mind is. But I certainly feel the most powerful when I’m on stage, and powerful can feel sexy. And there are times when you go backstage and there’s people who you admire so much and their work means a lot to you. They’ve just seen the show and they’re moved to the point where they are acting around you how you might act around them. You can’t really sort of dwell on it, of course, because there’s only so much good that can come from that. But that makes me feel very confident and very sexy.

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Speaking of those celebrity guests, I know there’s been a lot but I have to know — what was it like when Beyoncé came?
It’s difficult for me to really put that into words. If you meet me for more than three minutes, Beyoncé will come up. I consider my life at this point to be pre-Beyoncé and post-Beyoncé. It’s just sort of changed everything. She’s always just been my No. 1 — the person that makes me shake in my boots. I just think she’s the greatest living natural performer we have. To say that she’s inspiring is a huge understatement.

I wanted to give my all when she was there and I really think that I did. or her to come back and tell us that it moved her and was touching to her and to say basically that she saw how much I was giving of myself and for me to be able to say to her, “You literally taught me how to do that” — like, in everything I’ve ever seen her do? It was the greatest moment truly ever. It’s right up there with my Tony and my bar mitzvah.

Tyrese Gibson Gets 50/50 Joint Custody with Daughter as Judge Denies Ex’s Restraining Order Request

Tyrese Gibson just scored a major victory in his ugly court battle with ex-wife Norma Mitchell Gibson over custody of their 10-year-old daughter, Shayla.

On Friday, a judge awarded Gibson 50/50 joint custody of his daughter beginning in January and denied his ex-wife’s request for a permanent restraining order, Gibson’s rep tells PEOPLE. The actor’s rep also confirms that the former couple have worked out a visitation schedule for the holidays.

Norma’s rep has not responded to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Child services initially launched their investigation into Gibson after Norma — who was married to him from 2007 to 2009 — accused the actor of abusing their daughter on Aug. 19, alleging in court documents that the actor “pushed our daughter to the ground, pinned her face down, put his knees on her back, grabbed her hands with one arm and beat her with the other.” She also alleged in court documents that her ex hit Shayla “between 12 and 16 times,” leading the child to allegedly later tell her mother that she couldn’t sit down due to pain.

In court documents obtained by PEOPLE in September, physical and legal custody of Shayla was temporarily granted to Norma while ordering Gibson to stay 100 yards away from both of them as well as Norma’s home.

Gibson’s rep previously confirmed reports to PEOPLE that child’s services had closed their investigation and would not be seeking criminal charges.

The Fast & Furious star previously told PEOPLE in a statement that Norma’s allegations were “hurtful lies.”

In October,  Norma filed a police report against Gibson after he hired a plane to fly a banner directed at Shayla that read “No matter what, daddy loves you Shayla” over his daughter’s school — an act she claimed violated her temporary restraining order against him. Gibson later admitted to flying the banner, sharing several photos of himself and Shayla to Instagram with the caption: “I wanted the banner to be longer but it’s was too expensive.”

In a statement to PEOPLE, Norma’s attorney, Aleen Laura Khanjian,  said in response to the banner: “This disturbing behavior is a complete violation of the restraining order. It is a reflection of Mr. Gibson’s erratic state of mind.”

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Khanjian continued, “Simply put, he doesn’t respect boundaries. If he did, this restraining order would not have been necessary. At the end of the day, we simply want him to get the help he needs so that he can become a stable, solid and secure presence in his daughter’s life.”

Tyrese has posted often about his ongoing custody battle in recent weeks on social media. Last week, he shared a video montage on his Instagram account that showed photos of celebrities like Kanye WestWill SmithMichael Jacksonand Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with their kids as Luther Vandross’ “Dance with my Father” played in the background.

He also previously released an almost seven-minute long tearful video in which he openly begged Norma for reconciliation.

“Don’t take my baby. This is all I got. Don’t take my baby, okay?” he said in the Facebook live clip, sobbing. “I’ve been away from my baby for two months. I just want my baby and no one’s listening cause no one’s in the courtroom.”

Hours later, he shared another video on Instagram assuring fans he was doing well.

Norma claimed in her September declaration that Gibson was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as well as manic behavior by three psychotherapists — which she said he denied. She expressed she was “deeply concerned” about the actor taking their daughter to Dubai, where he has allegedly threatened to travel in the past — and claimed the he did not return their daughter’s passport to her when she requested. She also claimed the actor withheld contact between her and Shayla while their daughter stayed with him.

Jennifer Hudson’s Ex Asks Judge to Remove Protective Order So He Can Spend Thanksgiving with Son

Jennifer Hudson and her ex-fiancé David Otunga have launched legal action against one another in their custody dispute over 8-year-old son David Jr.

Hudson, 36, announced the end of her ten-year relationship to Otunga, 37, exclusively to PEOPLE on Thursday. The star was also granted an emergency order of protection from the former wrestler. In her request for the order, she accused him of ongoing harassing and threatening behavior and claimed he once pushed her inside their home.

On Friday, Otunga’s lawyer filed court documents to request that Hudson’s protective order be thrown out. Otunga and Hudson’s next court date for the custody dispute is scheduled for Dec. 7 but Otunga filed a petition to have the hearing date moved up to Nov. 21 in order to spend Thanksgiving with his son.

“I am now living in fear of further action David might take,” The Voice star says her request for the order of protection, obtained by TMZ. Otunga has denied any claims of abuse or harassment via his lawyer, who told PEOPLE he plans to file for primary custody.

“Mr. Otunga wants to make it very clear that he denies each and every allegation contained in that petition. Mr. Otunga is now and has always been the primary caregiver of the parties’ son,” his lawyer, Tracy Rizzo, tells PEOPLE in a new statement on Friday.

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Rizzo, who spoke on behalf of the former pro wrestler, also told of Otunga’s recollection of an incident on Nov. 15 that Hudson detailed in her request for the protective order.

“Ms. Hudson thought it was appropriate to have their son at a recording studio until 12:30 a.m. on a school night. Mr. Otunga’s only concern that evening was putting the child to bed so that he could be well rested for school,” she said. “At no time did Mr. Otunga ‘physically push’ Ms. Hudson as she has alleged. Everyone who knows Mr. Otunga in his personal life can attest to the fact that he is a highly educated, sophisticated, and non-violent man, and that his primary concern in life is caring for the parties’ son.”

Hudson claimed Otunga called her repeatedly while she was at the recording session; when she didn’t pick up his calls, the star claimed her ex then asked son David Jr. to record the scene, according to documents obtained by TMZ.

“Ms. Hudson is much less available to care for the child as a result of her constant traveling, but Mr. Otunga has always notified Ms. Hudson of the child’s activities and whereabouts,” Rizzo says on behalf of Otunga.

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In her request for the protective order, Hudson also said the father of her only child occasionally left a gun and holster on their kitchen counter to intimidate her.

“Mr. Otunga does not own a firearm, and the gun referenced in Ms. Hudson’s petition was a prop that he used for an audition, just as he told her it was at the time she saw it in their house,” Rizzo clarifies.

“It is unfortunate that Ms. Hudson has filed this petition in a calculated manner to not only have Mr. Otunga removed from the family home, but also in an effort to insert herself as the child’s primary caregiver,” Otunga’s lawyer adds.

The father of one also claims he was blindsided by Hudson’s petition filing, recalling an altercation that involved the police.

“Mr. Otunga only learned of the Order of Protection when the local police removed him from his home in the presence of the child at the direction of Ms. Hudson or her attorney,” Rizzo explains.

On Thursday, Hudson’s rep told PEOPLE exclusively that the couple had split. “They have been in the process of ending their relationship for a number of months.”

“Today, Jennifer requested and received a protective order against her ex-fiancé. Jennifer’s actions are solely taken in the best interest of their son,” the statement concluded.

Tarek and Christina El Moussa Mourn Death of Flip or Flop Contractor

Tarek and Christina El Moussa are mourning the loss of a dear friend.

The two HGTV stars shared their condolences and memories of Frank Miller, a contractor for their show Flip or Flop, who passed away on Friday.

Miller suffered from Laryngeal cancer.

“Good bye My dear friend Frank,” Tarek wrote in the caption of a photo of the two of them. “I have always looked up to you and have respected you as a brother.”

“You have touched not only myself and my family but thousands and thousands around the world,” he continued. “You have impacted so many lives with the fight inside your heart and soul. I’ve never met anyone like you nor will I ever. I just love you love you love you more than you know! I will NEVER forget you and I hope to one day be as strong as you. Now…don’t slack!!!! I assume you are already working on remodeling heaven!!!!:):). Miss you buddy!!!❤❤❤❤❤

Christina, 34, also shared a photo of herself and Miller, writing, “Frank since the day I met you I had the utmost respect for you. Hardworking and REAL. Always a pleasure to be around and always made me laugh. You fought your hardest!! You are so admired and respected by all who know you. God has a special place for you in Heaven. Love you and miss you❤ #RIP.”

In the episode of The Doctors, which aired in September, Miller said it was Tarek who noticed something was off about his health.

“A couple of years ago, we were filming and my voice started to get scratchy,” Miller said.

Tarek recalled how Miller began losing his voice and clearing his throat.

“It brought back memories of what I went through, which really scared me for him, which pushed me to make sure that he got it checked out,” said Tarek, 36.

The HGTV host began raising money for his friend in June, when he shared a photo of Miller from a hospital bed. The father of two donated $5,000 to Miller’s GoFundMe page.

Four years ago, Tarek was diagnosed with both thyroid cancer and testicular cancer, but only revealed that he was battling the former.

“Testicular cancer is more of a private thing,” he previously told PEOPLE about why he kept it a secret.

Serena Williams & Alexis Ohanian Step Out for First Time as Newlyweds at Post-Wedding Brunch

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian had quite the racquet after saying I do!

The night after the couple swapped vows, they were spotted welcoming guests for a post-wedding brunch at The Ace Hotel in the Warehouse District of New Orleans on Friday.

Williams, wearing a sleeveless white dress with Chanel tweed espadrille flats and her hair pulled back in a ponytail, was all smiles while greeting her friends and family at the door alongside her new husband and Reddit co-founder Ohanian, who was dressed in a navy suit and baby blue dress shirt.

Also in attendance was the bride’s sister and bridesmaid, Venus Williams, who was seen chatting with friends at the hotel bar.

The newlyweds announced their engagement in December 2016.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Ohanian wed at the Contemporary Arts Center on Thursday evening in front of a slew of celebrity guests, including Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria and husband José Bastón, and fellow tennis star Caroline Wozniacki with her new fiancé, NBA player David Lee.

Williams walked down the aisle in a stunning custom Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen princess gown while Ohanian suited up in Armani.

In addition to her strapless, belted gown, the mother of one sparkled in jewelry by XIV Karats, worth $3.5 million.

When it came time for the reception, the star changed into a second wedding look: a white Versace dress that featured lace and feathers throughout the bodice.

And the night before tying the knot, the parents of 11-week-old baby girl Alexis Olympia held a star-studded rehearsal dinner at celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse‘s restaurant Meril with famous friends Longoria, supermodel Selita EbanksColton Haynes and Cynthia Erivo.

Earlier this month, the 23-time Grand Slam champion gathered with her friends and family for an all-out girls weekend in New York City at the opulent Baccarat Hotel & Residences.

Skater Gracie Gold Won’t Compete in Olympics as She Continues Treatment for Mental Health Issues

Figure skater Gracie Gold will miss out on the 2018 Winter Olympics.

In a statement to PEOPLE on Friday, Gold, a two-time US ladies figure skating champion and 2014 Olympic team bronze medalist, said she was focusing on getting better before skating on the ice.

“It breaks my heart to withdraw from the 2018 U.S. Championships,” she said. “I am still undergoing treatment for depression, anxiety and an eating disorder.”

“I have not had adequate training time in order to perform at the level at which I want to,” the statement continued. “It pains me not to compete in this Olympic season, but I know it’s for the best. I wish everyone the best of luck and will be cheering you all on. I want to thank everyone for the ongoing love and support. It means the world to me.”

In October, Gold told PEOPLE that she was withdrawing from her scheduled competitions in the Grand Prix of Figure Skating this month.

In September, Gold announced she would be “taking some time off” from her sport to “seek some professional help.”

“My passion for skating and training remains strong,” Gold said at the time. “However, after recent struggles on and off the ice, I realize I need to seek some professional help and will be taking some time off while preparing for my Grand Prix assignments.”

“This time will help me become a stronger person,” she continued, “which I believe will be reflected in my skating performances as well.”

There are three spots open on the U.S. figure skating team for the women’s event at the 2018 Winter Games. Those competitors will be chosen only a few weeks before the Games get underway, after the 2018 U.S. Figure Skating Championships end in January: A committee will select the athletes based on their performances from the 2017 World Figure Skating Championships through the U.S. championships.


Previously asked about returning for the Winter Games in 2018, Gold struck an optimistic tone, saying in 2014, “I definitely have two Olympics in me; I don’t know about three Olympics.”

• Reporting by JOHNNY DODD

Ryan Seacrest Denies Misconduct Allegations Brought Against Him By Former Stylist

Ryan Seacrest is denying the misconduct allegations that have been brought against him by a former wardrobe stylist.

In a statement obtained by PEOPLE on Friday, the Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host says the claims that he “behaved inappropriately toward” a female stylist, who he previously worked with almost 10 years ago at E! News, are “reckless.”

“Recently, someone that worked as a wardrobe stylist for me nearly a decade ago at E! News, came forward with a complaint suggesting I behaved inappropriately toward her. If I made her feel anything but respected, I am truly sorry. I dispute these reckless allegations and I plan to cooperate with any corporate inquiries that may result,” Seacrest, 42, began his statement.

“I treat all my colleagues with kindness, dignity, and understanding, as this is a principle that’s core to who I am. Throughout my 25 years in the entertainment industry, the majority of my co-workers have been women, and I’ve endeavored to foster a positive work environment of mutual respect and courtesy, as that’s how I believe it should be,” his statement continued.

Seacrest concluded: “I’m distraught that anyone or any situation would call that into question. I’m proud of my workplace reputation, and believe my track record will speak for itself. I’m an advocate for women. I will continue to support their voices.”

“We can confirm that we have started an investigation,” an E! spokesperson confirmed to PEOPLE.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, which first reported the news, the accusations brought against the American Idol host were made approximately one week ago and details about them are not yet public.

The claims against Seacrest come in the wake of a flood of sexual misconduct allegations that have been made against numerous high-profile members of Hollywood, including producer Harvey Weinstein, actor Kevin Spacey, One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn, actor Jeremy Piven and numerous others.

Serena Williams’ Wedding Dress Photos Are Here! Get All the Details on Her Custom Gown

Serena Williams‘ bridal style was a total Grand Slam.

The tennis champion, 36, married Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, 34, in a fairy tale dress that showed her love of fashion — and surely made close friend Anna Wintour very proud.

Williams shared all the details of her breathtaking Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen princess gown with Vogue

“I flew to London to meet with Sarah and ended up falling in love with the ball gown silhouette, which is completely the opposite of what I ever thought I would choose for myself,” the bride said of her wedding look that also featured a cape. “I loved the idea of doing a really spectacular ball gown, and it has turned out to be such an incredibly special piece.”

In addition to her strapless, belted gown, Williams sparkled thanks to jewelry by XIV Karats, worth $3.5 million in total.

Meanwhile, her groom wore an Armani suit.

The new parents to daughter Alexis Ohanian Jr. wed in an intimate ceremony in New Orleans, Louisiana, in front of guests including Kris Jenner, Beyoncé, JAY-Z, LaLa Anthony and Prince Harry’s girlfriend and actress Meghan Markle.

And Williams changed into a second wedding look for the reception! The star looked gorgeous in a white strapless Versace dress that featured lace and feathers throughout the bodice.

“They worked nonstop to make sure the tiniest details were perfectly taken care of, for a total of 1,500 hours,” designer Donatella Versace told Vogue about the reception dress.

The couple began dating in 2015, revealed their engagement in December 2016, and exchanged vows less than three months after the birth of their first child together, who was born on September 1st.

Williams’ wedding dress was no doubt a design she’s been dreaming about for a long time. In September 2016, the champion athlete launched her third Signature Statement collection for HSN, and told PEOPLE that her passion for clothing is something that sparked during her childhood.

“I’ve been sewing my whole life. My mom taught me when I was young,” she told PEOPLE at the time. “I used to make clothes for my dolls. Then, when I finished high school, I went to fashion school.”


Williams attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale like her older sister Venus, 36, and the sisters continue to help each other with their designs.

“ is always looking at my sketches and is like, ‘I like that so much!’ and actually, I’m always at her office hanging out,” she said. “They’re always designing, and I’m like, ‘oh, I like that fabric better!’ We’re not competitive, it’s fun.”

Wiliams even revealed to PEOPLE she has hopes to launch a wedding dress collection one day.

“My dream is to do evening-wear and wedding dresses,” Williams said in 2016. “In school, I realized how much work that was, so at the end of school, I just got really smart and was like, evening wear is so intricate, and I love things that an everyday woman can wear and still feel good and look good, so I started . But there’s still that evening-wear dream, you know?”

What do you think of her wedding look? Share below.


In Cold Blood Family Breaks Their Silence: Why They’re Speaking Out Now About Infamous Slayings

Long before Making a Murderer or Serial captivated audiences, there was In Cold Blood — Truman Capote’s non-fiction account of a Kansas family’s brutal farmhouse slaying in 1959, which gripped the nation and shattered its sense of security.

Capote’s 1966 book was a bestseller, garnering acclaim for its author and shining a spotlight on the killers, ex-cons Perry Smith and Richard Hickock, who bound and shot four members of the Clutter family at their home in November 1959.

Only the Clutters’ eldest daughters, Beverly and Eveanna, survived as they were staying elsewhere at the time.

Smith and Hickock were later convicted and put to death for the slayings, which they committed in the mistaken belief the family had thousands of dollars stashed in a safe. In reality, they left the house after the murders with binoculars, a radio and just $50 — and the bodies of their victims still inside.

Amid the fanfare and dizzying success of Capote’s book, which was quickly adapted into a 1967 film, surviving members of the Clutter family felt that the loved ones they lost that night — Herbert Clutter, his wife, Bonnie Mae, their 16-year-old daughter, Nancy, and 15-year-old son Kenyon — were secondary to the story of their deaths and were not accurately portrayed.

Though they were unhappy with the book and the legacy it left behind, the family for decades remained silent about the killings. Until now.

Several relatives will speak for the first time in SundanceTV’s Cold Blooded: The Clutter Family Murders, a two-part documentary airing Saturday and Sunday as part of the network’s “True Crime Weekend” marathon.

“With this project, we felt like it was the right time and the right venue as a documentary to get the true story out about who Herbert, Bonnie, Nancy and Kenyon Clutter were as people — not just how they died,” the Clutter’s granddaughter, who asked not to be identified, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

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Directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Joe Berlinger, the four-hour docuseries features new information about the case, never-before-seen footage and photographs and, for the first time ever, on-camera interviews with Clutter family members.

“Grandpa accomplished a lot of things in his 48 years. But think of all the things he didn’t get to do and that we lost out on,” the granddaughter told Berlinger during filming.

“And so, where other people profited monetarily from the crime, we lost,” she said. “The family has not profited from the book or movies and would have never taken any money if it was offered.”

The Family Today

During his time with the family, Berlinger says, he learned they are “terrific people who don’t understand why this story continues to fascinate people.”

Respecting the family’s desire for privacy, he declined to share details about the two surviving sisters or their children.

“I think they would rather the whole thing go away,” he tells PEOPLE, “but this is an opportunity to set the record straight about who this family is.”

The two sisters, the Clutter granddaughter told Berlinger, dealt with the killings and its aftermath “with their faith and family and the close friends that supported them — but mainly their faith: knowing that it doesn’t end here, that they’re going to see them again.”

The granddaughter told Berlinger her family today is tight-knit, brought closer together by the tragedy nearly 60 years ago.

“What happened caused us to focus even more on the strength and support of the family and help one another,” she said. “There is a very strong bond of care and love between our family members.”

Her mother, one of the surviving daughters, cherishes time with her children as a result of what she endured, she said:

“She wants to be as close with us and in touch as possible. I feel like part of that is because she doesn’t want to lose people.”

The granddaughter said they make a point of keeping Clutter family traditions alive — especially during the holidays. “One of the letters that we have is from Grandma Bonnie, who wrote to her mother after Christmas, especially about the traditions of Christmas Eve, which we’ve kept and passed down and keeps going even today.”

Cold Blooded: The Clutter Family Murders will air Saturday and Sunday (9 p.m. ET) on SundanceTV.

Denzel Washington Isn’t Quite Ready for His 35th Wedding Anniversary


Denzel Washington has a major anniversary coming up. But the Training Day star might not be ready for it just yet.

The actor, 62, will celebrate 35 years of marriage to wife Pauletta next June — so PEOPLE asked the Oscar winner how early he starts planning on the celebration or gift.

“Don’t put no pressure on me now, don’t put no pressure on me!” Washington joked. “Go on, interview is over! Gotta go!”

To his credit, the Roman J. Israel, Esq. star has several months to plan accordingly, one which will likely involve their four children (John, 33, Katia, 29, and twins Olivia and Malcolm, 26), who also work in the entertainment industry.

“Malcolm, my youngest son, is a filmmaker himself, he’s an AFI graduate,” Washington said proudly. In fact, Malcolm played a key role during the editing process of his new drama, Roman J. Israel, Esq. “He got in there in the editing process with us. In the trailer, he picked the song, it’s a Kendrick Lamar song, .”

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In preparation for his role in the film, in which Washington plays a brilliant, eccentric lawyer on the autism spectrum, the actor did a lot of research about Asperger’s syndrome and found inspiration for the character’s unique ‘do in his own archives.

“I felt like he was stuck somewhere in ’70, I picked ’77 and I looked at my own pictures,” he recalled. “And I Googled ‘black men in 1977.’”

How long did it take to grow?

“If you go back and look around Oscar time , I kept trying to pack the hair down to hide it,” says Washington. “But it probably six, seven months. I should’ve kept it!”

Roman J. Israel, Esq. is now in theaters.

Justice League: Inside the Cast’s ‘Chemistry’ — and the Most ‘Unforgettable’ Moment from Set

The Justice League goes through some serious growing pains before they finally learn how to work together, but the cast behind the superheroes bonded with each other quick as a flash.

“The chemistry between the cast was better than we could have imagined,” producer Chuck Roven tells PEOPLE of the star-studded ensemble film. “They completely connected both on and off the set.”

The cast, who posed for the exclusive PEOPLE photo above, includes Ezra Miller as the Flash, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Ben Affleck as Batman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Ray Fisher as Cyborg.

“Usually, in between setups the cast will migrate and go back to their trailers but for most of the shoot, not only in between takes but in between setups, the cast would hang with each other,” Roven explained. “Whenever I would turn around or arrive on set there they would be, telling each other a story, an anecdote or laughing.” 

Newcomer Fisher, 30, bonded with Game of Thrones actor Mamoa the very first time they met. “When I went to shoot my day on Batman v Superman, Jason was also in town and he must’ve heard I was in the makeup trailer getting my face done and he comes in and was just like, ‘What’s up?! Nice to meet you.’ It was like an instant friendship,” he said.

“We’re working on something that transcends us all and we’ll be together for months and months, and hopefully years and years. just a great energy,” he added.

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“After I shot my day in Detroit, they were shooting a scene with Ben and I ended up meeting Ben that day as well — and the rest of the crew I met later on,” Fisher explained. “I met Ezra in New York and I met Gal and Henry for the first time in London, which was pretty phenomenal. Stepping on to the set, it’s this eclectic group of personalities that all have their own comedic sensibility, it was pretty special to watch.”

Miller also spoke with PEOPLE about his relationship with his coworkers, saying, “I love this gang of weirdos. We’re all very different humans and we really love each other through and through. I personally always feel that the goodness of what we create interpersonally on a set flows into the quantum fabric of the film. I trust completely in this very esoteric understanding.”

Affleck hopes that audiences enjoy seeing all their very different characters come together on the big screen. “Wonder Woman is very powerful, Aquaman is very badass — he’s got very strong and stubborn energy,” he explained. “Flash is a lot of fun and full of life and Cyborg is just a very smart and independent person.”

For Roven, seeing all the characters come together for the first time was the most exciting moment of the production. “Nothing could possibly be cooler than the moment we saw all the Justice League characters each in their own signature superhero costume, all on the set at the same time,” he said. “It was an unforgettable and electric moment.” 

Justice League is in theaters now.

Your Dream Volunteer Job Awaits: The Guide Dog Foundation Needs Puppy Raisers Now

No need to pinch yourself — this is reality. There are puppies out there that need you.

The Guide Dog Foundation is looking for puppy raisers to help the incoming classes of dogs gets socialized, so the canines are prepared to serve an individual with disabilities after completing training.

The puppy raising program is based up and down the East Coast and is open to those looking to help a little dog get a great start on an important life. As a puppy raiser, you take in a pup at 8 weeks old, when he or she is at peak fluffiness and heart-bursting cuteness, and care for the dog until they are between 14 to 18 months old. At this point, your puppy is ready to take the next step into the service world. After giving you months of smiles and snuggles, the dogs start their certified training program.

Your role as puppy raiser, if you chose to accept it, is to take your new best friend everywhere with you. It is important that service dogs are comfortable helping their humans in every kind of situation and surrounding, making early socialization extremely important. This means the Guide Dog Foundation doesn’t just want to give you a puppy, they want you to show it off: at the mall, restaurants, bus stops, vacations, parties, schools. Pretty much everywhere. The more socialized your puppy is, they less correction and training he or she will need later.

Along with playing the role of proud parent, the puppy raiser position also requires that you act as a teacher. Puppy raisers are expected to help their puppies learn basic obedience commands and ace bi-monthly classes at the Foundation.

Of course, the hardest part will be saying goodbye to your pup as he or she goes off to the training program. But this isn’t a true goodbye. The Guide Dog Foundation provides puppy raisers with monthly progress reports, and once the training program is complete, all the proud puppy parents are invited to the Guide Dog Foundation campus to match their furry student graduates and meet the people they will be helping for the rest of their lives. Often the person paired with the dog is so grateful for the gift, they make sure to keep puppy raisers updated on the positive ways their work has changed their world.

The Guide Dog Foundation loves repeat puppy raisers. So when you are done watching one pup grow, there is likely another eager, adorable student waiting for your guidance and affection.

If puppy raising sounds like a dream to you (and how could it not?), you can fill out an application with The Guide Dog Foundation. You will then be interviewed by a Puppy Department staff member. If you are accepted, you will receive not just a puppy, but all the supplies you need to care for him or her and the training you need to help the pooch thrive.

So really, what are you waiting for?