Kim Kardashian Is Trying for Baby No. 3!

Kim Kardashian West is trying for baby no. 3!

In a new promo for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kardashian West reveals she is struggling with the possibility of a high-risk pregnancy as she and husband Kanye West try to conceive again.

“I want my kids to have siblings, but the doctors don’t feel like it’s safe for me,” Kardashian West says in the clip.

The reality star, 36, is currently mom to North, 3, and Saint, 1.

Kim Kardashian Seeks Therapy After Breaking Down on Camera over Paris Robbery: ‘I Hope I Don’t Snap’


It’s going to be a long road for Kim Kardashian West.

On Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the entire Kardashian family gathered for a family dinner at Kourtney‘s house. While together, Kim learned that a costume company had used her traumatic robbery experience in order to create a Halloween costume.

“It really is hard when people don’t treat you like you’re human and you’re going through such a raw experience,” Kim said during her interview after seeing the costume. “I even saw a comment that someone wished I died that night … It just really sucks when you’re getting judged by the whole world.”

Throughout the episode, Kim was reeling from the Paris robbery and was barely keeping it together which worried her family.

“I really think you should see a therapist,” Kris Jenner told Kim. “So it doesn’t creep up on you three months from now … You have to do whatever makes you feel safe. You just have to be careful.”

Later in the episode, Kim sits down to talk with Kourtney, 37, and she brings up the fact that someone invaded her privacy in Paris and filmed her talking to the police in her hotel room just five hours after the robbery. The videographer then sold the footage to a publication who went on to publish it on the internet. Along with the video, the publication tried to say that Kim was carelessly playing on her phone while the police were there, she had no markings from being tied up and there was no damage to her hotel room door — all of which frustrated the mom of two because she was sick of the negative press coverage since the robbery.

“I’m trying to not let it get to me,” the 36-year-old told the cameras. “I hope I don’t snap.”

At one point in the episode, Khloé went to check in on her older sister who was crying in her bedroom over the robbery. The 32-year-old then asked the cameras to stop filming, because she didn’t want Kim’s raw emotions shown on TV at that time.

“Kim is such a strong, strong woman, but having a gun held to your head not knowing what’s going to happen to you will f— you up,” Khloé said in an interview. “This is going to be an incredibly long journey for her.”

It was after that breakdown that Kim decided she needed help and was going to try therapy.

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Also in the episode, Kendall is dealing with her own security issues after a stalker broke into her gated driveway.

“When I found out that he had mental health issues, I felt bad,” she said of her stalker in an interview. Though she knows it’s serious, Kendall doesn’t want to punish the guy in court, she just wants him to get the help he needs at a hospital.

“I don’t think I want to testify, I feel really bad is that weird?” Kendall asked Kim of the intruder during the episode. “He’s like mentally challenged … The thought of even having to see him in court really freaks me out.”

“Kendall is so sweet, sensitive and caring and she feels so guilty for testifying, but this guy could have really hurt her,” Kim said during her interview. “She has to protect herself, first and foremost. She has to testify.”

After testifying, the 21-year-old learned that the court gave the man a five year restraining order.

“I never want to have to do that again,” she said during her interview. “I am realizing now, regardless of his mental heath, we as a family have to protect ourselves. I hope he gets the help he needs.”

The episode ended with Kris throwing Kim a surprise birthday party with the whole family.

“We are so glad we have her,” the momager told the cameras. “We really want to celebrate her now more than ever.”

Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs Sundays (9 p.m. ET) on E!

Kenya Moore’s Ex Matt Jordan Gets Heated with RHOA Star Over Split: ‘You’ll Be Single and Miserable’

Kenya Moore is learning that some exes just aren’t meant to be friends

On Sunday’s all-new episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Moore met up with her ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan in an attempt to foster a friendship.

It was a tall order considering the on-and-offtumultuous relationship they’ve had, filled with bitter arguments and explosive battles. “If I were to look at what I did wrong in the relationship, I would have to say that I didn’t slow down enough for him or give him the attention that he really required,” the 45-year-old former Miss USA said. “And that may have made him feel emasculated.”

There was also Jordan’s violent tempter, which was a point of concern for Moore. Since the RHOA cameras started filming, viewers have seen Jordan kick down a door in her hotel room, break the windows on her garage door, smash the glass in on the side door of her house, hit her driver, spray-paint her security cameras and bust out the back window of her car.

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But Moore was ready to look past all that, focusing on the good times. “We had a solid year of a really good relationship, Moore said. “That’s why I think I forgave him so easily.”

“On the one hand, I don’t want to see him anymore. But on the other hand, I want us to be friends,” she added, looking to the peaceful relationship Cynthia Bailey has with her ex Peter Thomas. “I just don’t want an enemy in him because I had some part in it. I don’t want anything else from him but to wipe the slate clean and be friends again.”

She may have wanted to look towards the future, but when she met Jordan to celebrate the one-year birthday of their dogs, he wanted to explore their past.

“What about the things you’ve done wrong,” he asked her. “It’s not about your flaws — let me point at some of your flaws.”

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Moore was annoyed. “I am so upset with him right now,” she confessed to viewers. “Here I am being pulled back into the darkness, into the negativity and into the past. That’s not what I’m here for.”

Walking away from the cameras, Moore tried to dodge the conversation. But Jordan followed her out. “I had something good and you ruined it,” he said. “You’re the only thing that I cared about… pull the trigger. Whatever you need to do, because you clearly don’t care about me.”

His words didn’t work with Moore. “You ruin everything that’s good. Everything,” she said. “This is what you call caring about? Talking loud, not listening? The problem is Matt, I cannot talk to you. I have been there for you. I didn’t do anything that you could have permanently change your life, including sending you to jail for your behavior.”

“If I didn’t care about you Matt, I wouldn’t be standing here now. You’re like a broken record,” she added.

“You know why I’m playing the same record? Because you won’t say sorry,” Jordan responded. “You keep going on in your life, you’ll be unhappy for your actions. I’ll be in jail and you’ll be single and miserable. So we’re even.”

That only angered Moore more. “Oh so before I met you Matt, you think I was single and miserable? You think another m———– would come through the door? You keep calling me and asking to have me back, Matt. I’m not the one calling you.”

That’s when Jordan started airing their dirty laundry. “Where are all these guys? Where are they?” he asked. “Because you’ve been dealing with me. For some reason, for one reason or another, I’ve been here. We didn’t have sex the other night in my truck because you wanted to?”

“The stuff you say to me hurt — it hurt bad,” he continued, breaking down. “You got all these people that so much better than me, why are you here?”

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Moore made it clear she no longer wanted to be there, though. “I’m going to go ahead and allow myself to move forward,” she told him. “Because I do know one thing: I do know that you care. But whatever it is that you’re holding on to, you’re not able to look past it. Matt, just look at me one minute. I’m sorry I hurt you. But baby, I can’t do this no more.”

“I’m done,” she told viewers. “I just need to let Matt go. We have become toxic to each other. I need to grow and part of that growth is just knowing when it’s gone and to just walk away.”

Jordan let her. “Go do the other stuff. Go get whatever you need to get to make you whole,” he told her. “‘Cause I’m not the guy.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

Blac Chyna Is Just 11 Lbs. Away from Reaching Her Post-Baby Goal Weight

Blac Chyna promised to bounce back after baby, and over the weekend she revealed that she’s just 11 lbs. away from her goal weight.

Four months after the 28-year-old reality star welcomed her first daughter, Dream Renée, with Rob Kardashian, Chyna proudly announced on Snapchat Saturday that she was down 51 lbs. since giving birth. The model peaked at 192 lbs. during pregnancy and is quickly nearing her goal weight of 130.

Chyna zoomed in to show off the 141.6 number on her scale before giving fans a closer look at her thin waist in a form-fitting green dress.

Despite looking forward to gaining weight during her pregnancy, Chyna is well on her way to achieving her weightloss goals. She’s been openly updating fans on her numbers, documenting her weigh-in sessions on social media.

During her pregnancy she charted her weight, telling fans she wanted to gain 100 lbs.

“Like no lie, my goal is to gain 100 lbs. this pregnancy,”  she revealed in a Snapchat video in June. “I’mma tear it up, and then I’mma snap back.”

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Chyna and her ex-fiancé Kardashian split in February after a year of volatile ups and downs.

Last week, a source told PEOPLE that the duo have been co-parenting their daughter  — and while she is “giving pushback,” he wants dual custody of their child.

“They are still figuring things out but  will certainly do whatever it takes to have Dream be with her for the majority of the time,” said the insider.

WATCH: Chaos Erupts After Escalator in Hong Kong Mall Suddenly Reverses, Injuring 18

At least 18 shoppers at a Hong Kong mall were injured on Saturday when a escalator suddenly reversed at an increased speed.

Witnesses captured the incident on video, showing the crowded escalator at the Langham Place shopping center when it unexpectedly shifted from moving upwards to downwards at a high speed. Surprised riders lost their balance, tumbling downwards and causing a dangerous pileup at the bottom of the moving stairway.

“I was going up the escalator, and it was two times faster than normal,” a woman who injured her leg during the incident told the South China Morning Post.

Ambulances took those injured to nearby hospitals, including a man who suffered a head injury and was in serious condition, according to CNN.

 The elevator is one of the longest in Hong Kong, according to the South China Morning Post, connecting the fourth and eighth floors of the shopping outlet.

A spokeswoman and a director of the mall’s property management company said the escalator has had no problems in the past and passed a recent inspection on March 23.

The contractor for maintaining the escalator, the Otis Elevator Company, has been asked to investigate the cause of the accident.

“We are urging the Otis Elevator Company to thoroughly probe into the accident, in concerted effort with the police, the fire department and other government sectors,” said Mr. Chao, general manager of Langham Place.

Mia Tindall Cheers on Mom Zara at Gatcombe Horse Trials with Dad Mike and a Furry Friend

It was a family affair at the Gatcombe Horse Trials this weekend, where Zara Tindall competed at her mother Princess Anne‘s country residence in Gloucestershire, England, with her family cheering her on.

Zara’s husband Mike Tindall kept watch over their 3-year-old daughter Mia on the sidelines. The child was photographed riding on her father’s shoulders as they grabbed a bite to eat. The great-granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II looked ready for a day of outdoor fun in a white and blue striped hoodie and blue leggings.

Mia also expelled some energy playing with her cousins, Peter and Autumn Phillips’ daughters Savannah, 6, and Isla, 4. The children led their pet dogs around the grounds, with Mia affectionately patting her boxer, Spey, on the back.

Zara and Mike made their first official appearance of the year, less than a month after announcing the Queens’ granddaughter had suffered a miscarriage, at the Pacific Fair Magic Millions Polo in Queensland, Australia, in January.

The couple announced through a spokesperson in late November that they were expecting their second child and that they were “thrilled.” A month later, just before Christmas Day, the spokesperson confirmed that Zara had suffered a miscarriage.

“Very sadly, Zara and Mike Tindall have lost their baby,” the spokesperson said a statement on Christmas Eve. “At this difficult time, we ask that everyone respects their privacy.”

The Real Housewives-Approved Hotel That’s Perfect for Your Next Girls’ Getaway

It’s spring. The weather is getting warmer, and your calendar is probably packed with social events (read: bridal showers, weddings, bachelorette parties and more weddings). Finding accommodations for all those events can be a little (okay, a lot!) daunting. That’s why when we hear of a new spot stars are loving, we fill you in. Even better? When that new spot doesn’t require a celebrity-sized bank account. So if you’re planning a family and/or girls weekend in NYC now that snowpocalypse is over, here’s a hotel to look into.

The Hotel: The Marmara Park Avenue

Celebrity Fans: Lisa Vanderpump, Coco Rocha, Elle MacPherson, Niki Taylor, RHONY stars Luann De Lesseps and Tinsley Mortimer

Why It’s Perfect for a Group Stay: The Marmara offers a variety of room options including two-bedroom lofts that sleep up to 6 people — and when you’re splitting the bill, it’s a reasonable price for very luxe accommodations. (Reminder, it’s good enough for the Housewives!) Plus, there is a spa and indoor pool perfect for pampering and a lobby bar and lounge that will put you in a New York state of mind as soon as you walk through the door.

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Surrounding Area: The hotel location is in walking distance from the Empire State Building, a number of restaurants and fitness studios. But when you see the size of rooms and spa, you’ll never want to leave.

Where are you favorite places to stay in NYC? Share below!

Utah Victim of London Attack Thanks Supporters for ‘Outpouring of Love’

A Utah husband and wife celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary were among the victims of Wednesday’s terror attack near the U.K.’s Parliament in London, and over 1,700 people have come together to support them.

Kurt Cochran was killed while celebrating his anniversary with wife Melissa, who was also hospitalized with “a broken leg, broken rib and a cut to her head” after an armed attacker plowed a car through dozens of pedestrians in his SUV. The attacker then crashed into a gate near the Palace of Westminster and fatally stabbed a police officer, authorities said.

Clint Payne, Melissa’s brother and family spokesman, created a GoFundMe relief fund that has so far raised over $68,000. He says the money will go toward helping his sister “cover her regular monthly expenses and loss of income.”

In an update posted Saturday to the GoFundMe page, Payne gave an update on his sister.

“Melissa wants all of you to know how much she loves you. She is so grateful and overwhelmed with your generosity and outpouring of love,” he wrote. “Her health is steadily improving. Thank you all for the kind words and pledges of support.”

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Relatives told KSTU that Kurt died Thursday morning and that the couple was on a “dream vacation,” traveling to Germany and Austria as well as Britain in honor of their anniversary.

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Payne wrote that Kurt and Melissa were self-employed, “having built a recording studio business from the ground up over the last 10 years.”

“During that time they donated their recording and sound skills to the Summerfest celebration in Bountiful, Utah, to local school productions, and many other worthy causes,” he wrote.

Police said five people were killed, including the assailant and officer, and 40 more were injured, including an American. Investigators have described the incident as terrorism.

Other victims include a mom of two who was killed while heading to pick up her daughters from school.

Bonner Bolton Says He’s ‘100% Single’ Despite Sparks with DWTS Partner Sharna Burgess

Bonner Bolton and his Dancing with the Stars partner Sharna Burgess have denied that they are a couple, but they’re also not taken by anyone else (so there’s a chance, Team DenimNDiamonds fans)!

While taking a break from rehearsals on Friday, the dance duo spoke to Entertainment Tonight about their chemistry in the ballroom and their current relationship status.

“Are you dating anyone outside of Dancing with the Stars?” ET‘s Cameron Mathison asked the professional bullrider.

“I’m not,” Bolton, 29, responded, adding that he’s “100 percent” single.

Burgess also insisted she wasn’t seeing anyone romantically.

“I am absolutely single,” the Australia native, 31, insisted.

However, the duo understand that fans are picking up on their chemistry, as displayed during the first week of competition’s cowboy-themed cha cha.

“She’s really good to get along with. We actually have a lot in common,” Bolton explained. “I think our personalities are real similar, but that can make it kind of challenging to sometimes.”

“We have a great chemistry getting to know each other, but obviously we’re three weeks into this thing of having met each other on his ranch and we’re having a lot a lot of fun,” Burgess added. “But our priorities obviously are getting Bonner through this competition as far as he can possibly go. So in the mean time, we’re having a lot of fun getting to know each other and we do have great chemistry.”

During the season 24 premiere, while host Erin Andrews interviewed fellow competitors Nick Viall and Peta Murgatroyd, Twitter users caught Bolton absentmindedly putting his arm around his dancing partner’s waist as he gazed upwards at a screen. Cameras also caught his hand falling between Burgess’ thighs before she quickly and discreetly relocated it.

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But despite the footage, both Bonner and Burgess assure that the grab was an unintentional mistake.

“I was watching Peta and Nick up there and I really had no idea. I knew it was her that bumped into me and I put my arm around her and I was turned to watch the TV screen and I felt her push my hand away and honestly had no idea,” Bolton told Extra.

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“You can see when I move his hand that he had no idea where it was. He has no reaction and it was such an innocent mistake that was truly blown so far out of proportion,” added Burgess, 31. “I didn’t think anything of it. I also didn’t think the cameras were right on us at that point either until I saw my Twitter feed blow up. … He was mortified.”

ee the Adorable Video of Madonna’s Twins Playing with Their Very First Barbie Dolls

Madonna might be the original Material Girl, but her twins are dabbling — they just got their first Barbies!

Stella and Esther, 4½, are the stars of a new video shared by the 58-year-old singer, in which their the singer recounts how her daughters reacted to being gifted with the legendary toy.

“What happens when you get your first Barbie Doll! Pikachu is left in the dust!” she captioned the adorable clip.

The girls may have felt like their new dolls were more an extension of the family than new toys, though, considering they begin singing “The Finger Family Song” in full force while playing with their Barbies.

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Stella and Esther have quite the pipes on them — something Madonna is clearly proud of, having shared a sweet video of the girls singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in February, almost two weeks after she announced she’d adopted them from Malawi.

“A little night Music,” the iconic entertainer captioned the clip.

Earlier this month, Madonna posted a video of the girls smiling and singing “Mambo, mambo, coffee, coffee!” over and over again, with the singer writing, “How Mambo is gonna get through Friday!”

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The girls join Madonna’s large brood, which also includes siblings Mercy James, 11, David Banda, 11, Rocco John, 16, and Lourdes, 20.

“Pajama Game on … The Revolution of starts at home!” she wrote to accompany a February photo of Stella, Esther, Mercy and David, smiling widely for the camera.

Flip or Flop’s Christina El Moussa Looks Almost Unrecognizable in Glamorous New Photo

Fans may know Flip or Flop‘s Christina El Moussa for the casual looks she wears on her hit HGTV show, but the 33-year-old recently revealed that she can pump up the glamour when she wants to.

The Orange County, California, TV star shared a snap to Instagram Saturday from a shoot with photographer Damir K. In the photo, she’s outfitted in a fitted black dress by Walter Mendez, featuring a high neckline, delicate gold detailing and keyhole chest cutout.

“When I was asked by the super talented @damir_k to do a photoshoot you can bet I went for it,” El Moussa captioned the shot. “@damir_k you are the best in the industry.”

The television star and mother-of-two gave a sneak peek at her ensemble earlier this month, posting a photo of herself from the back while attending a fitting.

“Playing dress up at the most beautiful showroom ever- @waltercollection with @damir_k,” she wrote to accompany the photo. “So excited about this upcoming shoot.”

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El Moussa’s fashion choices have been highly talked about as of late. Earlier this week, she shared cute snaps on Instagram of herself with daughter Taylor Reese, 6½, in matching two-piece lavender swimsuits.

The TV star also recently opened about her divorce and how fitness has helped her deal with the stress.

“Exercise is my stress reliever,” the fit mom, who also shares 19-month-old son Brayden James with her ex Tarek El Moussa, told PEOPLE this week. “There is nothing like a good three-mile run for me to really clear my head and get my endorphins going.”

Dan Aykroyd Remembers His Relationship with ‘Beloved Showboat’ Carrie Fisher at Memorial Service

Dan Aykroyd was one of many celebrities to pay tribute to his former fiancée Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds at the duo’s public memorial service in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The Ghostbusters actor, 64, revealed that he once saved Fisher’s life when she was choking on a piece of food.

“Firstly, I feel responsible in part myself for why Carrie is not with us today because I once saved her life applying the Heimlich to dislodge a Brussels sprout,” he shared at the service put together by Todd Fisher, Fisher’s brother and Reynolds’ son. “If I had been with our beloved showboat I might have been able to save her again.”

Aykroyd also talked about his romantic relationship with the Star Wars actress, revealing that she sought advice from musician Paul Simon, whom she also dated.

“She had long conversations on the phone in my presence with Paul Simon, with whom she was attempting to reconcile at the time of my relationship with her,” Aykroyd recalled. “Here I found myself in love with a woman who was returning to a former intimate, and might I say a much better choice. But a woman who confided deeply in me and who valued my counsel.”

He continued, “Throughout the process of her decision to not marry me and wed another, the reward for my unwavering support in whatever decision she wanted to do was the time I had with her as a trusted friend and fellow night hawk.”

The Saturday Night Live alum also shared that he and Fisher thought about having children together.

“Although Carrie and I did not get married, we had taken blood tests in anticipation of maybe having a child and a doctor in Chicago took them for us. Because babies and Christmas were great joys for Carrie,” he said.

“So what would the offspring of Princess Leia and Elwood Blues have turned out like?” Aykroyd continued. “Funny, quick, spiritual, haunted, pursued, talented, acerbic, deviant, genius, tech motor device engine and music savvy—in other words, we would have had Todd Fisher.”

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The comedy actor also spoke fondly of Reynolds, who he said welcomed him when he first moved to Los Angeles. Aykroyd later acted alongside her in the HBO Liberace biopic Behind the Candelabra.

“Debbie would come to the set each day driving her green and tan Cadillac and donning a prosthetic horn and a pitch perfect polish American accent,” he said. “I watched as she went to work immersed completely in the role but she was brilliant. Here I am going, ‘Wow I’m on a set with Debbie Reynolds.’ ”

He added, “She looked insanely appealing coming and going from her work. Even with the horn, the glasses and the padding, Debbie was a star. A comment which she disapproved of me saying at the time.”

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Fisher was aboard a flight from London to Los Angeles on Dec. 23 when she went into cardiac arrest. She died four days later at UCLA Medical Center at the age of 60. Her cause of death was listed as “cardiac arrest/deferred,” according to her death certificate.

Reynolds died a day later, on Dec. 28, at the age of 84. She suffered a stroke at her and Fisher’s property. The Singin’ in the Rain star died from a blood vessel that ruptured and caused bleeding in her brain. Her official cause of death was an intracerebral hemorrhage.

Fisher’s daughter, Billie Lourd, did not attend the memorial service because it was “too soon,” according to a family source.

Pretty Little Liars’ Sasha Pieterse Uses Pinterest for Wedding Planning (Like the Rest of Us!)

Sasha Pieterse has wrapped the seventh and final season of Pretty Little Liars, and instead of being consumed by A, her thoughts are moving on to B — to being a bride, that is!

Pieterse, 21, announced her engagement to boyfriend Hudson Sheaffer on Instagram in December 2015.

Now that Pieterse has some time on her hands, wedding planning is in full swing and she’s using a popular internet tool to help keep her organized. “I can put my Pinterest board to use,” she told PEOPLE at Paleyfest L.A. honoring Pretty Little Liars.

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“ really surreal,” she said of wedding planning, “but I’m glad that my fiancé Hudson and I are on the same page. We have the same style, so it makes it really simple, really easy.”

Pinterest isn’t the only place Pieterse gathers inspiration. Her costar Troian Bellisario married Patrick J. Adams in December 2016 and Pieterse said they “shared a lot of inspiration with each other.”

She plans on having a “whimsical rustic” vibe and was adamant about her hairstyle. “I’m going to keep long hair, for sure,” Pieterse said.

Though she isn’t 100 percent sure about what her dress will look like, she has some ideas. “I want a low back, I want really thin straps, detailed bodice. So still very simple, but got those little accents that’ll make it pop,” she shared.

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Pieterse and her fiancé seem to be progressing through wedding planning like a team. “He’s like, ‘This is what’s important to me, and then you can do whatever else you want,’ which I respect. There’s nothing that he is crazy about — that I love too. We gel together really well.”

One major decision the couple still has to make is where to have their nuptials — but they might have two ceremonies so that everyone they love can participate!

“We’re considering doing both,” she admitted when asked if they would have a wedding in town or a destination wedding. “Yeah, we’ll see. Definitely something here for tons of friends and family.”

Pretty Little Liars‘ season 7 premiere airs April 18 on Freeform.