Savannah Chrisley says her new NBA boyfriend Luke Kennard is “one of the most honest, caring human beings”

New couple Savannah Chrisley and recently drafted Detroit Piston Luke Kennard are navigating having a relationship in the public eye — and that involves figuring out their work-life balance as a pair.

It turns out, the secret to the Chrisley Knows Best star, 19, and her 21-year-old new beau’s romance is carving out time for each other in the midst of their busy schedules.

“We make time for each other and we both understand each other’s careers,” Chrisley tells PEOPLE during a conversation about her first clothing line, Faith Over Fear. “We can go months without seeing each other and it would be okay. It’s just the understanding that we both have that our careers come first — I mean it’s pretty great.” 

In fact, she conducted the phone interview while on her way to meet Kennard. “I’m trekking now to see him,” she says. “My dad has always told me you need to be with someone who you are extremely on the same level with. And that is the truth. We both have our own things going on. He has his career. I have mine. But he’s just one of the most honest, caring, human beings there is.” 

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Kennard is so caring in fact, that the newly-gone-pro basketball player is figuring out ways to support her new fashion endeavor, which debuted on HSN earlier this week

“He wants to come to my launch and it kind of made my day because it shows he’s getting ready for the season to start, and he is still gonna make time for things that I have going on and that’s extremely important,” she says. He even tweeted his support of the line, urging women to pick up a few pieces. 

Ladies go check out @_ItsSavannah_ new clothing line!! It’s so good!! #FaithOverFear

— Luke Kennard (@LukeKennard5) July 17, 2017

“When you are in the industry that we’re in, you have to make time, you have to be supportive,” adds Chrisley. “At the end of the day if you’re not going to be supportive of me and the things I do, then I’d just rather be single.” 

So, has the stylish southern star worked her fashion magic on her boyfriend? “You know, his agent told me that his style has increased drastically since I came along,” she says with a laugh. 

“He as into shopping as I am — like we’re both addicted to it,” Chrisley adds. “So we’ll go somewhere and I’ll grab stuff for him and he’ll be like, ‘Alright, I want it.’ My dad just sent me back a pair of Gucci shoes for Luke, so he loves high-end brands. He loves looking good.” 

Savannah Chrisley Debuts HSN Line Today: ‘Without My Dad, I Couldn’t Have Made This Happen’

Savannah Chrisley is officially a designer! 

The 19-year-old star of the reality show Chrisley Knows Best — which focuses on the over-the-top lifestyle of her family, including her eccentric real estate developer father Todd Chrisleyoriginally announced her plans to create a clothing line in October, and a preview of her debut collection officially drops on today.

She named the lineup of loose-fitting slogan tees, distressed denim and shoulder-baring cutout tops after one of her favorite sayings: Faith Over Fear. “That’s just something that I have lived by for awhile now,” Chrisley tells PEOPLE. The goal, she says, is to create modest clothing for all ages, while still being trendy.

“I feel like so many people, especially my generation and younger, we let our fear consume us so much that we just don’t purse our dreams,” she explains of how she landed on the name. “So for me, let my faith be bigger than my fear of something not happening. That’s my reasoning: I’m going to let my faith I have in this project be so much bigger than the fear I have in it not working out that I’m just gonna let it succeed.” 

In fact, Faith Over Fear is a saying that’s so important to her that she wrote it on one of her pieces — in her own handwriting — and incorporated some of her other favorite sayings into the collection as well, including Believer, Always and Forever and Courageous. “For me, it’s just a great reminder if you’re having tough day,” she says. “Little words can truly change your day so that’s how I incorporated it. I’m saying this is because I’m speaking from experience. I did not have an easy ride. Middle school and high school were not easy for me, so there were little things that would help.” 

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Aside from her handwritten slogan tees, the collection includes a few other items true to her signature style, like tie-dye shirts (she previewed one of her designs on Instagram, above) and a leather jacket, which also has the words Faith Over Fear written on the back. “Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with leather jackets,” she says, adding that you’ll see her modeling some of her favorites on the upcoming season of Chrisley Knows Best, as well as on her Instagram.

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The only person who could possibly be more excited about the line is her dad, Todd Chrisley. “He has been absolutely amazing,” Savannah says. “My dad has been the biggest supporter of me throughout. He’s my best friend and without him I couldn’t have made it happen. He loves all of the pieces I have in the line. I just love all the fabrics and so does he. So he’s extremely happy with it.” 

And her new boyfriend, 21-year-old NBA draftee and new Detroit Piston Luke Kennard, is also “extremely supportive,” says Chrisley. “He wants to come to my launch and it kind of made my day because it shows he’s getting ready for the season to start, and he is still gonna make time for things that I have going on and that’s extremely important,” she says. “When you are in the industry that we’re in, you have to make time, you have to be supportive. At the end of the day if you’re not gonna be supportive of me and the things I do then I just rather be single.” 

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Of course, this initial debut is just the start — more pieces will drop on July 27th on and she is already planning second collection. “It’s going to be pretty awesome,” she says. “I’m looking forward to it.” 

In the meantime, scroll down to see (and shop!) the new collection.

Savannah Chrisley Faith Over Fear Embroidered Side-Tie Tee

Savannah Chrisley Faith Over Fear Embroidered Side-Tie Tee

Savannah Chrisley Faith Over Fear Embroidered Side-Tie Tee

Savannah Crisley Faith Over Fear Embroidered Faux Leather Moto Jacket$99.90;

Savannah Chrisley Faith Over Fear High-Waist Distressed Skinny Jean

Savannah Chrisley Faith Over Fear Strappy Neckline Tee

Savannah Chrisley Faith Over Fear Jersey Cold-Shoulder Top

Savannah Chrisley Faith Over Fear Strappy Neckline Tee

Savannah Chrisley Faith Over Fear French Terry Embroidered Hoodie

What do you think of the new line? Let us know in the comments below! 

These $3 No-Slip Socks Are the Best No-Slip Socks, Hands-Down

If you’ve ever bought a pair of loafers or flats that completely cut up your foot when worn without socks or have had a pair of no-slip socks that, in fact, do slip, then this story is for you. 1) We’ve been there. 2) We have a solution.

The answer is Keds 5-pack of Extra Low Cut Non-Slip Liner Socks

I discovered these feet-saving treasures only recently. I had just bought a fabulous very-fashion-girl pair of loafers that looked amazing (obviously) but gave me bloody heels (obviously). And, after a series of Band-Aid fails — I left a very sorry trail all over N.Y.C. — I decided that better cushioning was not only a want, but an absolute need.

I ended up finding these Keds Low Cut Non-Slip Liner Socks by chance, after a friend said she wore these with her sneakers in the summer to avoid VSL (Visible Sock Lines). I looked down at her feet astonished. I saw no VSL. I saw no bloody heels. Could it be? 

I immediately purchased two five-packs at $15 each, which as the number cruncher that I am, I figured provided me with 10 pairs of socks for $3 each (math = good). And I assure you, it’s well worth the low investment: The non-slip socks actually do not slip (this is major because so many non-slips actually do!) and they have no VSL when you’re wearing low-top sneakers, loafers or flats. Plus, they come in an array of hues to match your footwear to provide further concealment, like white, nude, black and a range of pretty pastels, as seen above.

I wore them to work, right here at the PEOPLE offices with my formerly-treacherous-and-now-super-comfortable-fashion-girl loafers, and everyone was all, “How are you wearing those without socks?!” And I said, “Ah, don’t be fooled. I am.” Now, they’re hooked on Keds, too.

Find your own five-pack for $15 at

Annabelle Wallis Stylist Says Her Fittings Are Filled With Fun and Doughnuts

Annabelle Wallis may wear white-button downs and khaki cargo pants alongside Tom Cruise in her new film The Mummy, but on the red carpet, she’s high-fashion all the way.

The 32-year-old British actress, who is also dating Coldplay’s Chris Martin, teamed up with superstar celebrity stylist Elizabeth Stewart to craft her looks for the film’s worldwide press tour, and the lineup featured one head-turner after another. (At the same time, Stewart was also working on Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman press tour and Cannes jury member Jessica Chastain’s looks — whoa.)

“Annabelle has a great understanding and appreciation of fashion, combined with a supermodel’s figure,” Stewart tells PeopleStyle of Wallis’s style. “She is wearing what came naturally — a less classic, edgier vibe with lots of color!” 

Together they went for “the overall package of lots of bold color with edge,” says Stewart, which resulted in a mix of orange Emilio Pucci, red Givenchy, sparkly pink Prada and more. How did she choose each design for each premiere? “She ended up wearing the looks she responded to the most,” Stewart says. “I really don’t have rules when it comes to color. We just need to try it and take it from there.”

The trying is their favorite part, as Stewart says their fittings are “fun and easy.” Plus, we eat lots of doughnuts to keep us going!”

See a breakdown of her amazing looks below.

“My rule of thumb is, if you can rock an orange sequin shimmery gown, rock it!” the stylist says of this shimmery Emilio Pucci single-sleeve gown featuring a prominent shoulder cutout. She paired the look with a pinned-back updo, Borgioni black diamond stud earrings and subtle makeup.

MIU MIU FOR THE TAIPEI PREMIEREThe actress chose a red bejeweled gown by Miu Miu for the Taipei premiere. A matching bold red lip and side-swept waves completed the look.

ALBERTA FERRETTI FOR MADRID PREMIEREThe star wore a one-shoulder Alberta Ferretti gown with bird motifs in gold embroidery, which she paired with a smoky eye look and updo.

An off-the-shoulder shimmery rainbow look, loose waves and soft makeup made a statement in Spain. The star called it “a delight of a dress.”

GIVENCHY FOR THE MUMMY DAY CELEBRATION IN HOLLYWOODStewart calls this head-to-toe orangey-red look “easy cool.”

PRADA FOR THE PARIS PREMIEREA sparkly beaded coral gown — “accented with a deep neckline and all-over bronze detail,” the brand says — and soft waves made the Paris premiere especially elegant.

LOEWE FOR THE PREMIERE OF KING ARTHUR: LEGEND OF THE SWORD IN HOLLYWOODWallis debuted her updated approach to fashion at the King Arthur premiere in Hollywood in a striped dress featuring a dragon in lace and balloon sleeves. “I was really happy about the Loewe look because it was an unusual and bold choice, and Annabelle felt no fear,” Stewart says. Giuseppe Zanotti strappy heels and Repossi jewels completed the look.

Tell us: Which of these looks is your favorite? 

Paris Jackson Continues to Be Fashion Industry Darling with New CFDA Fashion Awards Gig

They say when it comes to fashion, you’re in or you’re out — and Paris Jackson is definitely in. 

The 19-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson has quickly soared to be one of the most beloved young stars by the fashion industry — in the past year alone, she’s signed a modeling contract with IMG, sat front rows at Fashion Week, walked the red carpet during award seasoncollaborated with Jeremy Scott on her red carpet looksscored the most-coveted invite of the year at the Met Gala and, reportedly, landed a major contract with Calvin Klein.

And she’s not slowing down.

Next up for the budding musician? A gig as a presenter at the CFDA Fashion Awards, the annual awards show for the fashion industry handed out by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, PeopleStyle has exclusively learned. She’ll be presenting the Accessory Designer of the Year Award at the June 5th ceremony, which will be hosted by Seth Meyers.

Jackson recently told Teen Vogue why she decided to step into the spotlight at all: “So many people right now are so focused on what kind of shoes this person has, the designer purse they carry, what car they drive, whether they wear the same outfit more than once,” she said. “I want to use my platform for something other than that,” she notes. “I want to actually make a difference. So everything that I’m doing — the acting, the modeling — it’s all just to grow my platform so I can use my voice for things that matter.”

She’s not the only superstar to present at the annual ceremony: Fresh off her spin at the Cannes Film Festival, Nicole Kidman will present for Womenswear Designer of the Year, Armie Hammer will present for Menswear Designer of the Year and Kerry Washington will present the Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent. Calvin Klein’s Raf Simons, The Row’s Olsen sisters, Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler’s Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez are just a few of this year’s nominees.

Also, there will be another musician in the midst: New Jersey’s own Jon Bon Jovi will also be attending — and picking up the Swarovski Award for Positive Change.

Additionally, stylist Brad Goreski CFDA’s Facebook Live host which will be available at  

See all of the presenters on, and tune in to see more live from the June 5th ceremony when stylist Brad Goreski hosts a Facebook Live on the CFDA’s Facebook page.

Robin Wright’s Stylist Explains the Star’s Cannes Film Festival Fashion — Including Her No-Bra Look!

Robin Wright is the epitome of flawless right now at Cannes Film Festival.

The 51-year-old hit the festival in the south of France this week to promote The Dark of Night, a short film she directed. So far, she has attended a handful events with her fashion-forward style in full force — like this braless slip dress look above — which is why we caught up with her stylist Kemal Harris to get all the details on how she picked her ensembles.

“Cannes is a very traditional event but it takes place in a very bohemian, romantic, vacation-style location, so I tried to align the looks with that energy,” Harris tells PeopleStyle. (Harris also dresses Wright for her gig as Claire Underwood on House of Cards.)

First up, she went to the Opening Gala Dinner in this sheer deep-V look with plain black pumps. “Effortless, sexy and strong outfits” were the goal, notes Harris.

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Then, she hit the premiere of Ismael’s Ghosts in a Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello mini. “I loved the contrast of the sharp, tailored shoulders with the stone-encrusted fabric,” says Harris. “Sexy meets strong!”

Then she attended the Women in Motion event in a Stella McCartney suit. “I’m a huge fan of Stella’s tailoring and thought a suit would be a nice way to break up the dress story,” explains Harris. “I flipped the cuffs of the jacket and pants to show a bit more skin and added the leopard Schutz heels to keep it feminine.” (And you can get the shoes — they’re $170 on

And, finally, what inspired the supersexy green slip dress by Los Angeles designer Michelle Mason for the Loveless premiere. “I loved its vintage feel but the fabric and fit is totally modern,” says Harris. “The jewel tone of the green inspired me to accent with the raspberry Stuart Weitzman heels and the royal blue velvet Hayward clutch. I topped it off with the Cartier Panthere bracelet because its green emerald eyes matched the dress.”

While this look is incredible body-conscious, it’s also “the most comfortable dress there is because it’s unstructured and the fabric is very light,” says Harris.

Though, she has one stipulation — you have to feel good enough to go braless, as Wright did. “You must have a confident attitude to wear a backless version — it means no bra,” says Harris. “I would also recommend seamless underwear by Commando or Calvin Klein.”

Tell us: What do you think of Robin’s red carpet looks? 

Lauren Bushnell’s Next Step After Ben Higgins Breakup: Moving Back to California to Pursue Fashion!

Lauren Bushnell may have just ended her engagement with her Bachelor beau Ben Higgins, but she’s wasting no time moving on to something else she loves — fashion.

First up for the former flight attendant? The 27-year-old is teaming up with the beloved San Diego store Van De Vort to model its new summer collection — and PeopleStyle has the exclusive first look.

“It’s something new to me, and I really enjoy doing it,” Bushnell tells PeopleStyle of her official modeling debut. “I feel so lucky to have these opportunities coming my way.”

But first, she’s heading home: Bushnell says that she’s packing up her Denver house with Higgins and heading back to her California roots. “I’m moving back to SoCal,” she tells us exclusively. “That’s where my life was before the show — my friends, my siblings. I love the beach, the healthy lifestyle and the energy that Los Angeles has to offer. I’m definitely a SoCal girl at heart!”

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Fittingly enough, her debut modeling shoot for Van De Vort embodies her Cali-girl mindset — the exact inspiration was “Summer in Southern California” — and took place at La Quinta hotel in the Coachella Valley.

Her partnership with Van De Vort was a natural fit for Bushnell, as she’s been a fan of the store for a long time. She’s also worked on styling her looks with owner Andrea Van De Vort, many of which she posts on her much-followed Instagram account to her over 1.4 million followers.

“I have shopped at Van De Vort for awhile, even before my time on The Bachelor,” she says. “Their styles are on trend and easy to wear. Andrea, who is a fantastic stylist, and I became fast friends. She helps me put together pieces for brunch with friends or award shows and special appearances.”

For the shoot, Bushnell modeled everything from dresses to shorts to tie-front tops, the latter of which happens to be her favorite. “I love the color and the cut was super flattering,” she says of the $119 Olsen Top in Plain Khaki.

And Bushnell wasn’t alone. Her best friend Amanda Stanton, who was also on Bushnell’s season of The Bachelor going after Higgins’s heart, posed along with her. “I loved being able to shoot with my bestie, and the whole VDV team,” Stanton tells PeopleStyle. “The location was amazing, too!”

So, how did these two get the gig?

“The girls have been longtime shoppers at Van De Vort and I have always loved their personalities and style,” store owner Andrea Van De Vort tells PeopleStyle. “In my opinion, they were both the best dressed on their season on The Bachelor when they were both vying for Ben’s attention. It was natural for me to reach out to Lauren and Amanda for this shoot because they wear our clothes perfectly already. When Lauren and I became friends, and then Amanda and she became such good friends, it made sense to shoot them together since they were so on brand with Van De Vort.”

And this is just the start of Bushnell’s foray into the fashion world: “I would love to get even better with some real training to continue doing fun lookbook shoots like this one,” she says. “It’s hard to call it work when you’re getting to dress up in cute clothes, get your hair and makeup done and get to go to fun locations with a group of inspiring women who are involved in the shoot.”

Though, she has her sights set on bigger things, too: “I would love to start my own clothing line,” she says. We’ll keep our eyes peeled.

Scroll down for some of the highlights from the shoot, which was photographed by Séréna Lutton. (The pieces they’re modeling are all available on

The Duck Dive Bottoms by Prey Swim
“It is so different that anything I had seen before,” says Bushnell of the $120 style. “The style is fashion forward but the cut is still sexy and flattering on my body.”

The San Blas Dress by Faithfull the Brand
This tie-strap dress is $159. “Van De Vort carries all my favorite labels,” says Bushnell.

The Knotted Tyler Suit by Minimale Animale
“Amanda and I both looked on YouTube for research on ‘How to Pose in a Swimsuit,’” Bushnell jokes of how she got the confidence to pose in this $220 one-piece style. “Once we started shooting, Andrea really encouraged us to be confident in our own skin and I think that was key and shows in our photos.”

The Love Story Slip by Free People
Van De Vort, who styled the shoot with the help of her assistant Jenn Moore, layered a tank under this $138 dress.

The Olsen Top by Faithfull the Brand
“I eat healthy and work out with a trainer and that gives me confidence in myself and in my own skin,” says Bushnell. (Below, showing off the $119 Olsen top.)

The Stinson Woven Top by Amuse
“It also doesn’t hurt to have your best friend doing it with you while a professional like Andrea coached us along the way,” says Bushnell (shown modeling the $84 Stinson top below). “We really had such a fun day of dress up and posing.”

Perry Shirt Dress by Faithfull the Brand
“My favorite thing about Shop Van De Vort is that it captures the California-boho, effortlessly chic vibe so well,” says Stanton (shown below in a $159 men’s shirt-inspired shirt dress). “The collection is so curated that it’s hard not to want everything!”

Rowayton Dress by Van De Vort
“I love that a lot of ’80s and ’90s styles are being integrated into today’s trends,” says Stanton (below showing off a $48 dress by the shop owner Andrea Van De Vort).

Modern Love Off-Shoulder Dress by For Love and Lemons“Anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with off-the-shoulder anything, which is why this dress was one of my favorites,” says Stanton of the $252 pink design. “I also love that it’s a muted, rosy pink. It’s one of my favorite colors for spring and summer.”

Striped Sweater
“My go-to summer look will be a lot of denim cutoffs or cropped denim jeans and flowy, boho tops,” says Stanton (below modeling a striped sweater, not yet available). “I’m also obsessed with matching tops and bottoms or matching sets. They make life so much easier! Summer should be all about relaxing.”

Tell us: What do you think of Lauren Bushnell and Amanda Stanton’s modeling? Let us know in the comments below!