“Amy Adams’ dress is either adorable or underwhelming” links

CB & the Fug Girls love Amy Adams’ dress, but I am underwhelmed. [Go Fug Yourself] I would die if Chris Pine is Mindy Kaling’s baby-daddy! [LaineyGossip] Radar says some sh-t about Usher. [Dlisted] More photos from the Valerian premiere this week. [Moe Jackson] I had no idea Rachel Bilson is on Snapchat. [Popoholic] Jeff […]

Senator John McCain, 80, has been diagnosed with brain cancer glioblastoma

Embed from Getty Images John McCain has been getting a lot of press coverage the past few months, for both good and bad reasons. He’s played a role in two of the most fascinating and disturbing congressional hearings this year, and both times, McCain has come across as… bewildered. Like, he didn’t exactly know where […]

“Felicity Jones replaced Natalie Portman in the Ruth Bader Ginsburg bio-pic” links

Felicity Jones is replacing Natalie Portman in that Ruth Bader Ginsburg bio-pic. [Jezebel] Justin Theroux & Jennifer Aniston step out together in NYC. [LaineyGossip] This Kermit/voice-actor controversy is getting so crazy! [Dlisted] Celine Dion continues to be an international treasure. [Go Fug Yourself] Here’s the trailer for Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. [Pajiba] Would […]

Don Trump Jr. ‘never wanted this, can’t wait for these four years to be over’

I was going to lump everything together, but this People Magazine story is worth discussing in a stand-alone post. People Mag’s cover story this week is about The Terrible Trumps, the Bitchy Biglys, America’s dumbass first family. People Mag has been throwing shade – if not outright insulting the Trumps – for months now, but […]

Some are upset that British-Indian Naomi Scott was cast as Jasmine in ‘Aladdin’

Over the weekend, I wrote about all of the new information that came out of Disney’s D23 expo. Not only were there new posters, trailers and information about and from upcoming Disney released, but there was some big casting news. Disney is making a live-action Aladdin, and we heard just last week that Disney was […]

Duchess Kate in Catherine Walker for Berlin arrival: dowdy or appropriate?

Here are some photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arriving in Berlin with their children, Princess Charlotte and Prince George. Charlotte seems to be much more outgoing these days, as sleepy-faced George looked like he was not in the mood to do a formal tarmac meet-and-greet. The Cambridges left Poland this morning and […]

Mindy Kaling ‘is not telling anyone, not even close friends, who the father is’

Mindy Kaling is pregnant. Despite my Twitter pleas, no one has given me any tips or gossip about the identity of the baby-daddy. Nearly everyone had the same reaction as me: “Oh, I bet it’s BJ Novak’s baby.” Some people were happy with that idea, some people were not. I am one of the people […]

“Jamie Bell & Kate Mara had a secret wedding at some point” links

Me & Mrs B pic.twitter.com/Z5nMq91h6w — Jamie Bell (@1jamiebell) July 17, 2017 Kate Mara & Jamie Bell got surprise-married at some point. [LaineyGossip] An update on this awful R. Kelly situation. Ugh. [Dlisted] Moe Jackson is experiencing some issues! Stay strong. [Moe Jackson] Lily-Rose Depp is taking Kardashian-esque selfies. [Popoholic] Last night’s episode of The […]

Miranda Kerr showed off her princessy Dior wedding gown in Vogue editorial

Miranda Kerr got married in May. She married Snapchat billionaire Evan Spiegel in what was called a small, intimate backyard wedding at the home he bought for them. I actually wondered why Miranda didn’t post any photos from her wedding online – she has a big social media presence, and I was expecting to see […]

Duchess Kate wore a floral Erdem to visit a former WWII concentration camp

Earlier today, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made a trip to a former WWII concentration camp. This is Day 2 of their Polish trip, and this stop was on their itinerary beforehand. I’m pointing that out – that Kate knew she would be visiting a concentration camp for a few months now – because […]

Shock: Mindy Kaling is pregnant and it’s apparently an ‘unexpected surprise’

Over the weekend, I was totally creeping on Mindy Kaling’s new Hancock Park home (in LA). Mindy spent months decorating and renovating the property, and you can tell that she really considers it her “grown up” home – go here to see the AD editorial. As I was looking through those photos, I noted (to […]

Mitch McConnell finally acknowledges that Trumpcare is dead on arrival

Embed from Getty Images Before Obamacare, I had affordable individual-payer health insurance. It didn’t cover everything, but it covered a lot and I got it when I was in my late 20s. When Obamacare started, I signed on because that was my only option. I have felt all year that this is probably the last […]

Charlize Theron wore a Dior bra & miniskirt for the ‘Atomic Blonde’ premiere

Charlize Theron was in Berlin all day on Monday to promote Atomic Blonde. At first I had a total derp moment of “why are they doing the world premiere in Berlin?” Oh, right. Because the film is set in Berlin and they filmed in and around Berlin exclusively. They are trying to give thanks to […]