Ben Affleck is really rolling out this Lindsay Shookus relationship

On Wednesday, Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus’s entire day out in New York City was chronicled by the paparazzi. They got coffee, they headed to her office together, they checked out of The Ritz (it’s unknown how long they stayed there) and then Ben brought Lindsay back to her apartment, where she was seen beaming […]

DM: Lindsay Shookus’s ex thought they would reconcile up until six months ago

Does anyone else think that Lindsay Shookus is beating Ben Affleck at his own game? Like maybe she’s the one who caught his attention because she didn’t wait around for him? We just heard that she maybe-dated both Chris Noth (although his people deny it) and Jon Hamm last year, ostensibly during a break with […]

Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup are dating after meeting on the set of Gypsy

Embed from Getty Images I’ve only heard bad things about Billy Crudup as a partner, I’ll start with that. I only remember how he left seven months pregnant Mary-Louise Parker to hook up with his costar, Claire Danes, in 2003. Danes was 24 and Crudup was 35 at the time. Danes has since said that […]

Ben Affleck accepts humanitarian award, jokes that Garner got one first

Embed from Getty Images Ben Affleck does a lot of great work with his Eastern Congo initiative charity, which he co-founded in 2010. Last month he took his tenth visit to the war-torn country, meeting with sexual abuse survivors, conservationists, and community leaders. You can read his Facebook posts for more about his recent experiences […]

Page Six: Lindsay Shookus is ‘comfortable getting a lot of attention’

Page Six has a rather long piece on Lindsay Shookus, the SNL producer who became famous a couple of weeks ago for being the first woman Ben Affleck has openly dated post divorce. Several sources give inside quotes which have conflicting opinions on Shookus. A colleague and one publicist praise her and her work ethic […]

‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ rules the box office: is it as good as critics say?

Mild spoilers for War for the Planet of the Apes I loved Spiderman: Homecoming. It was a delightful movie full of thoughtful details, funny scenes and likable characters and had a fresh, effortless vibe. Homecoming clocked in at two hours and 13 minutes but it never dragged and kept me entertained the entire time. In […]

Jennifer Garner & Chelsea Handler went to the same restaurant that Ben took Lindsay

This is getting ridiculous. Ben Affleck spectacularly debuted his “new” girlfriend, SNL producer Lindsay Shookus, when they went out for dinner in LA last Thursday night, at a restaurant called Giorgio Baldi (only one paparazzi agency had those photos, they’re the ones with Lindsay in the fug floral top). On Monday they went out for […]

People: Lindsay Shookus’s relationship with Ben Affleck ‘was worth risking a lot for’

ET Online has some quotes from a source close to Jennifer Garner, and I knew she would do this. I knew she (her PR team) would go to some of her preferred secondary outlets to give more quotes reinforcing her position as the dedicated co-parenting mom. To be clear I don’t blame her for this. […]

Kathy Bates had a double mastectomy 5 years ago, hasn’t had reconstruction

Kathy Bates, 69, is hoping to raise awareness for lymphedema, a condition where part of the lymphatic system, which transmits white blood cells, gets blocked in the body. It can cause pain and swelling. In Kathy’s case she developed it after she had both breasts and 19 lymph nodes removed during surgery for stage II […]

Ben Affleck & Lindsay Shookus spent the weekend in Vegas, are now back in LA

People Magazine has exclusive details about Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus’s weekend together in Vegas along with paparazzi photos of them looking matchy while out in LA earlier on Monday. They also went to dinner in LA last night, where multiple paparazzi agencies got the photos of them coming out of the restaurant with leftovers. […]

People: Jennifer Garner confronted Lindsay in NY to convince her to leave Ben

Do you think Jennifer Garner regrets calling out People Magazine for running a fake-ish cover story when she didn’t give them an interview? She certainly seems to be using them to get out her side of the story now that Ben is stepping out with his new piece. Maybe that was part of Jen’s long […]

Alec Baldwin had lyme disease, thought he would die alone in bed

Alec Baldwin opened up at a fundraiser recently about his battle with lyme disease, which began 17 years ago with a tick bite. He ended up bed bound and deathly ill to the point where he thought he would die. Baldwin suffered from lyme off and on for at least five years, according to what […]

Amy Schumer and her boyfriend of a year and a half, Ben Hanisch, split

I often wonder at what point in a new relationship people decide to go social media official, especially when they’re famous. Like do you wait until you’ve been dating a specific amount of time, like three months, six months, a year? Because it seems like a lot of these celebrities really jump the gun on […]