Lo Bosworth ‘Always’ Keeps Her Fridge Stocked With These Healthy Ingredients

Lo Bosworth‘s refrigerator sounds like a healthy eater’s dream.

The Hills and Laguna Beach alum, 30, revealed the mainstay items of her fridge in an interview with Refinery 29—complete with healthier alternatives to oil and gluten.

“I always have whole Greek yogurt—I use that as a sour cream substitute all the time,” she said, adding that she also cooks “primarily with ghee instead of with a lot of different kinds of oils.”

Bosworth, who manages a lifestyle blog called The Lo Down, says she always has cauliflower on-hand to use as a gluten substitute, crafting tortilla and pizza crusts from the vegetable. “It’s a great way to avoid things that are made from flour so that people who are intolerant can always come and eat at my house quite happily,” she said.

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A peak inside Bosworth‘s fridge would also show chopped green onions—which she tends to add “into everything”—and pristine herbs thanks to her simple hack: “I always have a lot of fresh herbs that are sitting in water to keep their freshness.”

With culinary school experience, Bosworth has kept a methodical approach to planning her meals for the week. “They enforced a lot of practice about food prep, so I generally do a lot of prep with fruits and vegetable at the beginning of the week,” she said. “I always have a lot of stuff that’s already chopped up and ready, so any dish is really quick.”

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As far as planning the perfect dinner party, Bosworth’s most important aspect is less about the food, and more about setting the mood like a classic ’90s comedy.

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“I have always taken a tip from the movie Clueless, when she has her date coming over and she decides she has to create a lighting concept,” said Bosworth. “I set the scene by dimming the lights and lighting candles, and that’s a really easy way to make your home feel really warm and inviting without putting up any decorations.”

Kelsey Grammer Is Opening a Brewery Named After His Daughter

Grab your bottle openers: Kelsey Grammer is almost ready to unveil his very own brewing company.

In an interview with Kelly Ripa and guest host Anderson Cooper on Live with Kelly and Ryan Tuesday, the Last Tycoon actor said the only thing that stands in the way of full operation is getting the location up to standard.

“We’re working on it. It’s very hard because it’s in a watershed, so you have to do a lot of stuff for water treatment, waste disposal — all that stuff,” he said. “And it’s important so we’re doing that.”

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Named Faith American after Grammer’s youngest daughter, the brewery is housed in upstate New York on property he bought decades ago in hopes of revitalizing the town that holds special meaning for him. The location is a barn on a dairy farm he used to visit for Thanksgiving as a kid.

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“That was always my favorite place in the world,” he said. “It was such a prosperous place and then it really fell on hard times.”

By opening the business, Grammer hopes to revitalize the Delaware County neighborhood. “I always wanted to return this particular place to a sense of thriving community that would lift everybody up a little bit,” he said.

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Grammer experimented with flavors of the beer, and says what they’ve settled on for Faith American ale — the first drink to roll out soon — is “fantastic.”

Jill Duggar Dillard Gushes 2-Week-Old Son Samuel Scott Is ‘Getting Bigger Every Day’ with New Pic


He has been on this earth a little more than two weeks, but baby Samuel Scott Dillard already has quite the adorable social media profile.

Counting On star Jill (Duggar) Dillard, 26, shared a photo of her newest son dressed in an adorable blue elephant T-shirt on Instagram Tuesday with the caption: “Meet #SamuelScottDillard This little handsome fella is getting bigger every day! We are so in love with him!”

Although this marks Samuel Scott’s official debut on Jill’s Instagram, husband Derick, 28, shared a photo holding the newborn shortly after his birth on his account.

Pictures of Samuel Scott were first shared on the Dillard family blog last week, complete with shots of him smiling, sleeping and just generally being precious.

The Dillards welcomed their second son on July 8, making 2-year-old Israel a big brother. According to the family’s birth announcement, Samuel Scott was 22 in. long, 9 lbs. and 10 oz. at birth, and was delivered via C-section after 40 hours of labor.

Ina Garten Shares Her ‘Secret’ to Perfect Guacamole (That Won’t Turn Brown)

Leave it to Ina Garten and her expertise to save you from a kitchen disaster — this time offering up a simple, crowd-pleasing guacamole recipe that you can whip up for those last-minute summer guests.

The Barefoot Contessa host shared her personal guac tips with her 1.2 million Instagram followers Thursday, suggesting plenty of citrus as her key ingredient. But while most recipes have a zip of lime juice, Garten opts for something a little different.

“Can you ever make too much guacamole??” she captioned the video. “My secret is lots of freshly squeezed lemon juice to keep the guacamole bright green. And I always buy the avocados a few days in advance so they’re perfectly ripe when I’m ready to use them.”

Her full beginner recipe adds red onion, garlic, kosher salt, black pepper, tomato and Tabasco sauce to round out her personal twist on the dip.

Garten, 69, launched her new Food Network series Cook Like a Pro in May, seeking a more user-friendly approach to food television tutorials.

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“I really wanted to do all those little things I’ve learned professionally over the years that will make people feel like they can cook with confidence,” she previously told PEOPLE. “It’s recipe-based but it’s really much more about the tips, which are woven throughout the episode.”

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Garten’s recipe is pretty classic, but if you’re feeling crazy, try one of our quirky guac concoctions (which we’re still not sorry for).

Drake and His Dad Parody the ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ in Hilarious New Whiskey Ads

Forget about the Most Interesting Man in the WorldDrake is here to introduce the world to the Realest Dude Ever — who happens to be his father.

In a set of new commercials for his whiskey brand Virginia Black, the Grammy-winning rapper pokes fun at the popular face of Dos Equis beer marketing campaigns.

“Would you like to know who’s not worried about the Most Interesting Man in the World? The Realest Dude Ever,” Drake says in the videos, complete with a gold chain around his black turtleneck.

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Each video ends with the Realest Dude — played by Drake’s dad Dennis Graham — eccentrically saying the line bound to become the viral trademark: “Virginia Black: One sip, and woo!”

The 15-second ads have racked up millions of views on Drake’s Instagram. Even fellow entrepreneurial rapper Sean Combs voiced his support for Drake on social media, tweeting, “Another man of color owning their own is big for all of us!!! It’s time to start supporting us!!!! Congrats @Drake #BlackExcellence”

Another man of color owning their own is big for all of us!!! It’s time to start supporting us!!!! Congrats @Drake #BlackExcellence pic.twitter.com/zV9ECtzlqb

— Sean Diddy Combs (@diddy) July 16, 2017

Drake, 30, invested in the whiskey company run by Brent Hocking last year, with the mission to “redefine whiskey and a shared passion for style, music and the pursuit of taste.” Virginia Black offers aged bourbon whiskey with high rye contents and a 40 percent ABV (alcohol by volume).

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“I looked for holes in the market and I saw that of all the spirits out there, bourbon is probably the most clique-y,” Hocking previously told PEOPLE. “There’s not an easy drinking one — everyone is thinking there’s one way to do it, which is to make it harder and harder to drink. Proofs get higher and higher every year.”

Actor Jonathan Goldsmith portrayed the Most Interesting Man in Dos Equis advertisements for almost a decade before retiring from it last year. “It was such a delight to bring a smile to people’s faces, and that’s what always happened,” he previously told PEOPLE.