Quints Father Adam Busby Struggles with Fellow Dad’s Advice to Get Therapy for Postpartum Depression


This season of OutDaughtered has focused largely on Adam Busby‘s battle with postpartum depression — and now, he’s finally confronting the fact that he needs to seek professional help.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s episode, Adam — who has been struggling emotionally since he became a father to the only all-female set of quintuplets in the country — travels to Nashville with his wife Danielle so he can meet Jared, a fellow dad with postpartum.

“It feels like I’m juggling 10 million balls,” confesses Adam, who shares 6-year-old daughter Blayke, as well as the 2-year-old quints, with Danielle.

“Since the babies, it’s just been constant — just figuring things out as we go,” he adds.

Adam then touches on his “bad days,” which result in him getting “super quiet.”

“That’s just how I deal with it,” he says. “I just kind of want to back away, and I feel like that’s what I’ve been doing.”

After Adam admits that Danielle probably doesn’t think her husband is managing his issues all that well, Jared points out that opening up to one’s partner is an important step towards coping with postpartum depression.

“I believe with all of my heart that our wives can see things about us that no one else can,” he says. “Being more open and honest with Danielle will help you guys tremendously. What are your thoughts on seeing a counselor?”

Adam is clearly resistant, admitting that he doesn’t know if he’s “ready for that.”

“Depression, one of the things it wants to attack and take hold of, is me being present with my family,” explains Jared. “Me not getting help didn’t just hurt me, it hurt everybody else around me.”

“I’ve always felt like people who have to go see a therapist can’t control things, can’t do things on their own,” says Adam. “A big part of this is I’m still kind of scared. I just don’t know if that’s for me.”

“Man, don’t give yourself that burden to try to fix yourself,” replies Jared. “Because it’s not just about you now, it’s about your kids and your wife.”

Finally, Adam appears to give in.

“I know I owe it to my wife and I owe it to my kids, but talking to a therapist is going to be a huge deal,” he says. “It’s going to be a long road, and once you start, there’s no turning back.”

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Last month, the father of six opened up about his decision to speak publicly about his battle with postpartum depression in an exclusive statement to PEOPLE.

“We knew that signing up to have our family documented for OutDaughtered that every aspect of our lives was going to be showcased on television. Because of this, we wanted to make sure that we were as real as possible,” he said. “This meant not only showing the fun and exciting times of being a parent, but also the hard times, the stressful times and the messy times.”

“I’d be doing an extreme disservice to our fans if I hid this from the public and wasn’t honest with them,” he added. “I know I’m not alone and I want others to know they aren’t either. I want men to feel comfortable opening up about their feelings and expressing the struggles they’re going through. I want to help end the stigma surrounding mental health. The worst thing that you can do is stay silent and try fix things on your own.”

OutDaughtered airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on TLC.

Find Out Why Josh & Anna Duggar Just Returned to the Place He Sought Treatment amid Scandal-Plagued 2015

Grat time w/ @PatchAdventures & friends at North Love Baptist Church tonight & grateful for their https://t.co/J1Ufa40qF2 ministry pic.twitter.com/c4JXEwftV8

— Anna Duggar (@Anna_Duggar) August 21, 2017

Josh and Anna Duggar enjoyed a family outing in Rockford, Illinois, this weekend — the very same city where Josh checked into a faith-based rehab facility in August 2015 following a series of scandals.

Anna, 29, took to Twitter on Sunday to share a rare family photo with her husband Josh, 29, and their two eldest children: daughter Mackynzie, 7, and son Michael, 6. Three of Josh’s brothers — John-David, 27, Joseph, 22, and Justin, 14 — as well as Duggar family patriarch Jim Bob, 52, were also present.

As it turns out, the family was in Rockford to attend a Patch the Pirate show (an Evangelical Christian series for children) at the North Baptist United Church.

In her tweet, Anna, who is expecting her fifth child with Josh, shared a link to promote the rehab center Reformers Unanimous, which is where Josh sought treatment. She also tagged Dr. Paul Kingsbury, the co-founder and chairman of the center’s addiction program.

“ time w/ @PatchAdventures & friends at North Love Baptist Church tonight,” Anna captioned the post. “& grateful for their http://reformu.com ministry.”

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Josh, who rose to fame on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, first found himself at the center of controversy in May 2015 after a 2006 police report revealed that he had been investigated as a teen for inappropriately touching five underage girls. He apologized for his “wrongdoing” and his sisters Jill, 26, and Jessa, 24, subsequently stepped forward as two of the victims.

Months later, in August 2015, Josh publicly confessed to being addicted to pornography and having been unfaithful to Anna amid reports he had signed up for Ashley Madison, a website that specializes in facilitating extramarital affairs. Less than a week later, he checked into Reformers Unanimous.

Josh and Anna have maintained a low profile since he returned to Arkansas in March 2016, though in May they announced that they had entered marriage counseling following their difficult year.

Last September, the couple celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary.

“Happy Anniversary, Josh and Anna,” the Duggar family wrote alongside a photo of the two on Facebook. “We are so thankful for God’s redemptive love in your lives.”

In March, the two announced that they are expecting their fifth child, a baby boy due later this year.

Fabulous at 54! Carole Radziwill’s Beau Adam Kenworthy Posts Racy Birthday Tribute to RHONY Star

They may have an unconventional relationship, but Adam Kenworthy wasn’t shy about showing off his affection for Carole Radziwill on her birthday.

The Real Housewives of New York City star turned 54 on Sunday and Kenworthy took a moment to send her his own special birthday wishes: two photos of Radziwill, including a rather racy one of her flashing her bare chest in a rash guard and bikini bottoms. (Both photos were taken during the duo’s vacation back in March to Little Palm Island Resort & Spa in Little Torch Key, Florida.)

“HBD @caroleradziwill,” he captioned each post with a heart emoji. “#54.”

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The Bravo star was previously married to Anthony Radziwill, John F. Kennedy Jr.‘s maternal cousin and best friend, from 1994-99. The late TV executive died at the age of 40 after a battle with cancer.

In recent years, Radziwill has been seeing 32-year-old Kenworthy, who is a chef — but the two sparked breakup rumors earlier this month after she unfollowed him on Instagram. However, a source close to the Bravo star told PEOPLE last week that it’s not that simple.

“They took a break — but they still spend a lot of time together,” said the source. “It’s still unclear. It’s not black or white.”

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That being said, they didn’t appear to celebrate Radziwill’s birthday together: She spent the weekend in the Hamptons, while Kenworthy remained in New York City, according to each of their Instagram stories.

“The truth is they have an unconventional relationship,” the source told PEOPLE last week. “And they’re in an in-between stage.”

Will Jon Snow Survive Beyond the Wall? Looking Ahead to Game of Thrones Episode 6


Six seasons later, winter is no longer “coming” — it’s officially here.

Last Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones ended on an epic cliffhanger as Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and his motley crew embarked on their next adventure north of the Wall. Their goal, of course, is to bring back some form of evidence to prove to Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) that White Walkers do actually exist — and that they are the real enemies the people of Westeros need to focus on taking down.

“Death is the enemy — the first enemy, and the last,” says Beric Dondarrion (Richard Dormer) in a preview at the upcoming episode 6, “Beyond the Wall.”

“The enemy always wins,” he adds ominously. “And we still need to fight him.”

Between glimpses of clashing swords, breathless sprints and the Night King’s chilling stare, we certainly aren’t expecting an easy fight — which begs two questions for Thrones fans: One, will Jon and his crew make it back alive, and if they do, will they be successful in bringing back any evidence of the danger that looms beyond the wall?

FROM PEN: Game of Thrones‘ Top 10 Game Changing Moments


Well, we’ll have to wait and see to find out, but in case you were curious about what it was like shooting all those scenes in the freezing cold, it was just as miserable as it looks — especially because, as fans know, the actors are never wearing hats or headgear.

“I was asking for one!” Harington, 30, recently told The New York Times. “I wanted a hat when we were shooting in Iceland. We’ve had endless conversations about it. It’s been a big, big question in Thrones, about when they’re up North, whether they wear headgear or not. It seems ridiculous in cold climates not to have your head protected.”

“But it’s a decision they made a long time ago, the decision that we need to see faces more than heads being warm,” he explained. “It’s very difficult when you’re filming people in that environment, to differentiate between people’s faces. I think they decided that was the most important thing. But trust me, no one wants a hat more than me.”

Game of Thrones airs Sundays (9 p.m. ET) on HBO.

How Bachelor in Paradise Addressed the DeMario Jackson & Corinne Olympios Sex Scandal on the Season 4 Premiere


After two months of mounting anticipation, the Bachelor in Paradise season 4 premiere is here — and it’s diving straight into Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson‘s sex scandal.

In case you’re not caught up, the beloved Bachelor/ette spin-off has placed alums in an elaborate game of romantic musical chairs in Mexico every summer since 2014. This season, however, things took a sharp turn after a sexual encounter occurred between Olympios, 24, and Jackson, 30, both of whom had been drinking heavily all day. Warner Bros. subsequently suspended production on the show and launched an internal investigation into “allegations of misconduct,” which was later cleared after they deemed nothing improper had occurred. Production soon resumed — this time without Olympios and Jackson. (For more on the scandal and its aftermath, here’s everything you need to know.)

On Monday’s season premiere, the incident was addressed within the first few minutes — here’s how it all went down.

SPOILER ALERT: The following story will reveal details from Monday’s season premiere of Bachelor in Paradise.

The two-hour opener kicked off with longtime host Chris Harrison welcoming fans to a “new season of Bachelor in Paradise” — the one that “looked like it might not happen.”

Harrison then acknowledged the show’s decision to suspend production after two and a half days of shooting, admitting that it was an “extraordinarily stressful and emotional time for our cast and all of our crew.” With that, he introduced the episode, which began with footage that was filmed pre-scandal.

At first, it seemed like a classic first day in Paradise: One by one, the cast of men and women trickled in and began getting to know each other. Jackson, who had gotten himself into hot water after it was revealed he had a girlfriend during Rachel Lindsay‘s season of The Bachelorette, knew a “hostile” reception might be awaiting him, and he wasn’t wrong — but he insisted he had every intention of showing a “different side” of himself.

“I wanted to come here to set everything straight and hopefully find the next Mrs. Jackson,” he said. “Because I’m a good guy. I swear, I’m like the sweetest guy in the world. I would love to ultimately fall in love. I can’t wait for that.”

Then came Olympios’ arrival — two glasses of champagne in hand and immediately branded the “life of the party” by her castmates.

“I personally am not ready to settle down,” she said. “I’m not rushing to find someone. I’m not going to jump on the first guy that shows me a little bit of attention. If you want to have this, you have to work real hard.”

But despite her intentions to take things slow, she and Jackson hit it off pretty much immediately after he approached her at the bar. Within minutes, the two were all over each other, hugging and touching, with Jackson massaging her back, picking her up and twirling her around in the air.

“Corinne and I, man — it’s extremely natural,” said Jackson. “I feel it.”

Sparks continued to fly between the two and their fellow cast members began to pick up on it, with Raven Gates even jokingly asking at one point if they might “get engaged.” At 4:30 p.m., Olympios first jumped into the pool with her clothes on, leading Jackson by the hand.

“They look like they’re enjoying each other’s company — they seem like they’re ‘clicking,’ if that’s the word that us young folk are using these days,” said contestant Alex Woytkiw with a laugh as he observed them cuddling in the pool. “Corinne and DeMario are already attached at the hip.”

By sunset that first day, the cast was still milling about, hanging around on the beach or by the pool. The first date card was handed out, with Kristina Schulman offering it to Dean Unglert. Back at the house, the drinks were flowing — a little too much some — and hookups were happening as couples started to form.

But while all of this was going on, Olympios and Jackson were mostly out of sight, with just a couple of brief separate glimpses of them surfacing here and there. The following morning, the two were shown eating breakfast side by side and everything seemed to be totally fine between them, if ever-so-slightly awkward.

As the day progressed, two more dates unfolded: Raven and Robby Hayes, followed by Jasmine Goode and Matt Munson, who stopped by a Mexican drag bar. As for Jackson? Well, he already had his sights set another contestant: Alexis Waters.

“I can find love in Paradise and I do want to find love,” he said. “So I would love to get to know her a little bit more.”

That evening, the cast got ready for the first rose ceremony, with the women set to hand out the roses. At that point, it had become clear that whatever had occurred between Jackson and Olympios was already over: Though their interactions were friendly — she even called them “homies” — she had decided she would be giving her rose to Vinny Ventiera.

But before that could happen, without any warning, things came to an abrupt and screeching halt during the cocktail party before the ceremony. First, a producer came to pull Olympios aside, while another asked to speak to Jackson in private as the cameramen began to set their equipment down. Confusion and chaos descended on the cast, with no one seeming to have any idea what could have caused them to suddenly suspend production — though Taylor Nolan speculated it might have something to do with “Corinne and DeMario from the first night.”

As for what unfolds next, we’ll have to stay tuned to find out. The Bachelor in Paradise season 4 premiere continues Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

A Sex Scandal, Drink Limits & a Live Finale: Everything We Know About Bachelor in Paradise Season 4


Happy Monday, Bachelor Nation. After two months of mounting anticipation, the Bachelor in Paradise season 4 premiere is officially upon us.

For the uninitiated, the beloved Bachelor/ette spin-off has placed alums in an elaborate game of romantic musical chairs in Mexico every summer since 2014. This season, however, things took a sharp turn just days into filming after a sex scandal between two cast members rocked the franchise. Here’s a quick breakdown of everything you need to know ahead of this week’s two-night premiere.

The sex scandal: A brief timeline

June 4:sexual encounter occurred between contestants Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson, both of whom had been drinking heavily all day. PEOPLE has since confirmed that two producers voiced their concerns about the encounter.

June 11: News of the Paradise scandal broke when Warner Bros. announced it had suspended production on the show and launched an internal investigation into “allegations of misconduct.”

June 14: Olympios and Jackson both retained legal representation and issued statements, with Olympios, 24, calling herself a “victim” and admitting she had “little memory of that night,” and Jackson, 30, claiming his character had “been assassinated.”

June 20: Warner Bros. announced their investigation found no evidence of misconduct and confirmed that production would be resuming.

June 21: Several of this season’s original cast members began taking to social media to confirm their return to Paradise. Production resumed soon afterwards — this time without Olympios and Jackson.

What exactly happened, in their own words?

After Warner Bros. deemed nothing improper had occurred, Olympios’ attorney Martin Singer told PEOPLE that their own investigation into the incident would continue. A few days later, Olympios issued a statement confirming her team’s investigation had “been completed to my satisfaction.”

“While I never filed complaints or accusations against anyone associated with Bachelor in Paradise, my team and I felt it was very important to be thorough in getting to the bottom of what had occurred,” she said. “I felt victimized by the fact that others were judging me through conflicting and unsubstantiated reports, while I myself had no recollection of the events that transpired.”

“While I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have been a participant on The Bachelor, and while I was invited to return to Bachelor in Paradise when production resumed, I respectfully made the decision not to return,” she continued. “I understand the media’s interest in this story, and I greatly appreciate my fans’ concerns for my well-being, but I think it is best if I keep any further thoughts private for now.”

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Olympios has not publicly addressed the incident since. Jackson, meanwhile, detailed his recollection of the encounter in a lengthy interview with E! News, calling it “the wildest night of my entire life” and including several graphic details. (Olympios did not issue a response to any of his claims.)

According to Jackson, after meeting on set, he and Olympios began “complimenting each other on being villains” and joking about how they were “going to dominate Paradise.”

“We started having a little bit more fun, started having a few drinks,” he said. “It got a little bit hot and heavy. She jumped in my arms, we started making out at the bar.”

Jackson went on to explain that he and Olympios were in the pool “kissing,” “rubbing” and “touching.” Eventually, “things got wild because it was more of, like, her being the aggressor, which was sexy because you have a very attractive girl who’s telling you what she wants.”

Jackson said he proceeded to sit on the edge of the pool, and Olympios got up and put “her lady parts like, right on my face.”

“We were already naked at that point,” he said. “We had been naked since like, the second we got into the pool.”

According to Jackson, the following day, nothing appeared to be different between him and Olympios — when he saw her, they hugged and spoke before the group all got breakfast together.

“We were all talking about how wild the previous day was,” he said. “She wasn’t mad. We were hanging out. I offered her a shot, but she said that the production had cut her off for drinking for the day.”

The cast continued filming for the next two days, but Jackson says that on Tuesday night (June 6), producers pulled him aside and told him there was an issue and advised him to “bow out.”

Though he said he doesn’t feel like he “got played” by Olympios and bears no ill will towards her, Jackson claimed that he “got played in general” and slammed the racism and sexism they faced.

“The minute you release this black man’s face and this white girl’s face, before either of us commented on it, I was already a ‘rapist’ and a ‘monkey,’ ” he said. “And she’s a ‘whore’ and a ‘slut.’ For me, it goes back to the human race — we failed.”

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How did the incident change the show?

In the wake of the scandal, Warner Bros. announced that they would be implementing “certain changes to the show’s policies and procedures to enhance and further ensure the safety and security of all participants.”

A source close to production also told PEOPLE that precautions were taken to ensure a similar incident wouldn’t occur. According to the source, “in broad strokes, changes were made to ensure everyone’s safety” — particularly in regard to alcohol consumption and consent.

In recent interviews, several of this season’s stars have confirmed the particulars of the new rules.

“They put a limit on drinks — you can only have two per hour,” Vinny Ventiera told PEOPLE earlier this month. “And then if you want to spend the night with someone, you have to give on camera consent. Both parties have to agree.”

The rebooted season: What can we expect?

Warner Bros. has said in a statement that the company “does not intend to release the videotape” of the specific sexual encounter between Olympios and Jackson, but it’s clear from the season supertease that the premiere will address all of the events leading up to the incident, as well as the aftermath.

“There was definitely an elephant in the room,” Ventiera recently told PEOPLE. “We do address it on camera. We took a negative situation and turned it into a positive thing.”

Longtime host of the franchise Chris Harrison has also opened up to PEOPLE about the rebooted season, noting that while it would certainly be different than seasons past, it was still the same show at its core.

“I know people want us to say there have been massive changes, but you’re not going to see sweeping changes,” he said. “We’ve learned from this. There will be some adjustments, but again, our cast has always been most important. Alcohol … that’s such a misconception that they rely on it. Drunk and stupid doesn’t help us. It doesn’t make good TV. Stories do — people being compelling.”

“There will be some adjustments made and we’re going to be very verbal about it,” he added. “But as you see the season go on, you’re going to see we’re right back to Paradise.”

Corinne & DeMario: The reunion

Both Olympios and Jackson will partake in a televised reunion special, which Harrison has confirmed will air earlier in the season because “it’s something that needs to be dealt with long before the finale.”

“When I talk to Corinne and DeMario, that’s not just going to be part of a sit-down like the Women or Men Tell All special where there’s 30 people on set,” he told Entertainment Weekly earlier this month. “I think people are misunderstanding how that’s going to go. Those are going to be a lot more in-depth and a lot more intimate and a lot more personal and one-on-one than your ‘Tell All special.’ ”

How will it all wrap up?

For the first time in Bachelor in Paradise history, this season will conclude with a live finale with a studio audience to catch up with the cast.

“One of the things that will be a little different is our time in Paradise was cut down and compacted, therefore the show will extend back into the real world,” Harrison recently told EW.

According to Harrison, the live finale is “going to be a lot of finding out what’s been happening because things have been continuing back in the real world since the show wrapped up in Mexico.”

“It’s going to be interesting,” he said. “And I think a lot more fun for all of us.”

Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise premieres Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Is Kaley Cuoco’s Love Karl Cook ‘The One’? Friend Says Big Bang Star ‘Deserves to Be Treated Well’

A quick scroll through Kaley Cuoco‘s Instagram feed is all the proof you need to know that she and her boyfriend Karl Cook are head over heels in love — so might they be ready to take the next step?

Well, her longtime friend and 8 Simple Rules costar Amy Davidson certainly hopes so.

“Karl is great. He’s exactly who you see,” Davidson, 37, recently told Entertainment Tonight. “He loves cooking and he’s gentle and he’s a kind person. I’m really happy because she deserves to be treated well.”

Cuoco, 37, and Cook, a 26-year-old professional equestrian, have been dating for almost a year and a half. The Big Bang Theory star hasn’t been shy about showing off their love on social media, most recently documenting their epic trip to Australia with Cook’s family.

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As for whether Davidson thinks Cook is “the one” for “powerhouse” Cuoco, she responded, “I hope so! I do, yeah.”

Of why she believes the two click, Davidson pointed to their shared love of horses.

“I think the fact that they have something outside of the industry that brings them together — the fact that he’s an equestrian and she’s an equestrian,” she noted. “She’s such an animal lover, advocate. That brings them even closer together.”

“They make sense. I’m so happy for her,” she added. “I told her: ‘You deserve the world.’ We can’t settle, especially when it comes to love. It’s so important.”

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Cuoco split from tennis player Ryan Sweeting in the fall of 2015, filing for divorce after 21 months of marriage. The proceedings were finalized last May.

These days, the actress couldn’t be happier with Cook, gushing about him on The Talk last fall.

“I’m so happy. I can’t stop smiling. Life is so so good,” she said. “We met at a horse show. I finally found my horse guy! It was very meant to be.”

Get Crazy, Get Wild! Jersey Shore Reunion Sets Official Premiere Date

It’s official: The Jersey Shore guidos are back.

On Friday, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi took to Instagram to reveal the premiere date for their upcoming reunion-centered docu-series, which is set to premiere Aug. 20 on E!

“ITS HAPPENING GUYS! August 20 on E! with my Best Friends! Love my roomies forever,” gushed Polizzi, 29, alongside a video of her, Sorrentino, Sammi “Sweatheart” GiancolaJenni “JWoww” Farley and Pauly “DJ Pauly D” Delvecchio jamming out to “Get Crazy” by LMFAO, the beloved MTV reality show’s theme song. (She also added our new favorite hashtag, #JERZDAYISHERE.)

And while much has changed in the years since the show went off the air, everyone’s favorite Meatball is eager to reassure fans that they’re just as fun as they used to be.

“#SquadGoals #WereStillCoolISwear,” she captioned a photo of herself standing between Sorrentino, 35, and Delvecchio, 37.

Over the years, the series — which ran from 2009–12 — also starred Ronnie Ortiz-MagroVinny GuadagninoDeena Nicole Cortese and Angelina Pivarnick, though it’s unclear if any of them will take part in the upcoming special.

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The Hollywood Reporter broke the news of the upcoming docu-series last month. Road Trip Reunion will reportedly capture the cast taking an epic trip down memory lane, making all the familiar stops along the way — Jenks, anyone? — as they share stories, revisit hot spots and catch up on each other’s current lives.

According to the outlet, the Jersey Shore reunion will serve as the pilot for the series, and producers are exploring both unscripted and scripted series casts as possibilities for potential future episodes.

Road Trip Reunion premieres Aug. 20 on E!

A ‘Dream Come True’ & a ‘Dirrty’ Halloween: Birthday Girl Kylie Jenner Shares Highlights from Her Last Year


It’s been a big year for Kylie Jenner.

The Life of Kylie star turned 20 on Thursday, and she took to her website and app to celebrate by sharing a few “moments that made the last year of my life so great.”

Up first? She expanded her family — her dog family, that is. Her two Italian greyhounds, Norman and Bambi, had surprise babies!

“My babies had babies!” she gushed. “Can’t you handle how cute little Harlie and Rosie are?!”

Jenner also hit a few milestones in her professional life, starting with the creation of The Kylie Shop (“Creating my own merch was a dream come true for me!”) and her booming cosmetics company. But of all her Kylie Cosmetics creations, she’s most proud of her special-edition lip kit with Smile Train, a non-profit organization that provides support and corrective surgery for children in developing countries with the birth condition.

“I donated 100 percent of the net proceeds from my Smile Lip Kit to Smile Train, which provides cleft surgery for children in the developing world,” she said. “Presenting them with the check was big moment for me!”

Of course, several of the reality star’s favorite moments were style- and beauty-related, starting with going blonde for New York Fashion Week, a process which “took a couple of days” but was “so worth it.” There was also the 2017 Met Ball, which she “still can’t believe” she attended with Donatella Versace. (In case you were curious, her custom sheer Atelier Versace dress with floral embellishment and beaded fringe was another “dream come true.”)

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And while every day is basically a photo shoot in the Life of Kylie, her two favorites were her 2017 calendar shoot with Terry Richardson (something she’d been wanting to do “forever”) and her Barbie-themed Flaunt magazine shoot.

Last but not least, one of King Kylie’s favorite memories (and ours, too!) were the two times she impersonated a vintage Christina Aguilera — and nailed it.

“Christina Aguilera loved my ‘Dirrty’ Halloween costume so much, she asked me to do it again for her birthday in December!” she said. “How could I say no to Xtina?”

Kym Johnson-Herjavec Reveals How Husband Robert Made Her Laugh So Hard She Cried


It’s safe to say that married life is treating Kym and Robert Herjavec quite well.

PEOPLE Now recently caught up with Kym, and the former Dancing with the Stars pro — who just celebrated her one-year wedding anniversary with Robert — revealed that the flame between the two is more alive than ever. In fact, when they took a trip to Europe to celebrate their anniversary, the Shark Tank star made her laugh so hard that she cried.

“My husband decided to jump off a boat and did a flip — he landed on his ribs,” explained Kym, 41. “It was a big flop and he ended up hurting himself , so that wasn’t good. But he still thinks he’s 20, so that was pretty funny.”

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Kym previously dished all about the stunning Croatia trip to PEOPLE, gushing that it was absolutely “beautiful.”

“Robert’s Croatian, so we went to Croatia,” she said. “We still love to dance, so we had a dance. It was very romantic.”

“One year down, and many more to go!” she added with a laugh. “In one way it feels like we’ve been married for so much longer than 12 months. In another way, it’s gone by so quick. It feels like we’ve known each other forever. It’s been almost three years since we met. He’s just amazing. We’re best friends, and it’s just easy.”

So might they have plans to expand their family at some point? (Robert, 54, has three children from a previous marriage.)

“We’re sort of just enjoying being married at the moment,” said Kym. “But who knows!”

‘Missing Our Little Shai!’ Check Out Maksim Chmerkovskiy & Peta Murgatroyd’s Stunning Italian Honeymoon


Buon viaggioMaksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd are currently enjoying their honeymoon in Lake Como, Italy, and it’s every bit as romantic as you might imagine.

The Dancing With the Stars lovebirds took to Instagram on Wednesday to document their trip so far, with Murgatroyd, 31, sharing a slideshow with photos of the two exploring the area’s stunning waterfront and cobblestoned streets.

In one photo, Murgatroyd leads her hubby by the hand up a flight of stairs before stopping to steal a kiss.

But of course, the stars are missing their 7-month-old son Shai Aleksander.

“Lake Como with my love,” Murgatroyd captioned the slideshow on Instagram. “We were blown away by the beauty! Missing our little Shai — this is our first trip away just the two of us.”

Meanwhile, Chmerkovskiy, 37, shared a slightly different view of the city: his wife lounging peacefully on the bed in their hotel room.

“When your bed takes up most of the hotel bedroom and you don’t even mind…not even a little bit…” he captioned the post. “#BecauseComo.”

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Murgatroyd and Chmerkovskiy tied the knot on Saturday, July 8, at Oheka Castle in Long Island, New York. Baby Shai served as “prince of honor,” while Chmerkovskiy’s brother and fellow DWTS pro Val served as best man. Other DWTS wedding guests included Tony Dovolani, Rumer Willis, Sharna Burgess — all of whom were in the wedding party — as well as Jenna Johnson, Nyle DiMarco and Candace Cameron Bure.

“I can’t speak for every girl, but when you first step onto that runway and see the love of your life at the end of the path waiting for you, I think that’s going to be a moment that I’ve always waited for — just to see his face,” Murgatroyd told PEOPLE before the nuptials. “I’ve always wanted to get married — and only get married once — so this is really special moment for me.”

Sonja Morgan Spills How Tequila-Fueled Bethenny Frankel Smooch Was ‘Like Putting Your Head in the Lion’s Mouth’


Sonja Morgan and Bethenny Frankel have had their ups and downs over the years — but at this point, you could say they’ve got that whole “kiss and make up” thing down pat.

PEOPLE Now caught up with Morgan ahead of tonight’s Real Housewives of New York City finale, and the star dished on this season’s very wild, very boozy trip to Mexico, starting with lip-locking with Frankel, 46.

“I must have had a lot of tequila, because that’s like putting your head in the lion’s mouth!” laughed Morgan, 53.

But all jokes aside, the two are getting along great.

“I do love me some Bethenny,” said Morgan. “I mean, I really, really love that girl. She’s amazing. She gives it to me straight, and I need that sometimes. People blow a lot of smoke up your butt!”

Morgan — who was sober for 10 months before the Mexico trip — revealed that “accusations” about her drinking will be brought up at the upcoming reunion. But while she’s still enjoying a drink “here and there,” she does plan on quitting again at some point.

“I do want to quit again,” she said. “I like partying, but I like to not be drinking, too.”

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In addition to reflecting on the boozy trip, Morgan also teased the much-anticipated finale, which she says is “funny and silly and emotional” all in one. In particular, the episode will touch on Luann D’Agostino‘s strained relationship with her (now soon-to-be-ex) husband Tom.

“You’re going to see tonight in Luann’s face that she’s not so defensive any more about Tom,” said Morgan. “There’s sadness there. The wheels are moving, and it’s starting to click for her, and then at the reunion there’s some conversations that go on that really had me worried.”

And last but not least, Morgan dished on her relationship with Tinsley Mortimer, admitting that living together “didn’t turn out the way I thought.”

“She constantly thanked me for living with me, but it wasn’t like any other experience I had,” she said. “I have a nice ripe old age on me and a lot of experience as a homeowner, and Tinsley doesn’t have any experience as homeowner or as a hostess. We just didn’t have that connection that I had with other people that I had helped out.”

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo, with the season 9 finale airing this week and the three-part reunion kicking off Aug. 16.

Rachel Lindsay Won’t Do a Bachelorette Spin-Off — but Says ‘Never Says Never’ to a TV Wedding


Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo‘s road to engagement unfolded in front of The Bachelorette cameras from start to finish — so is there a chance their wedding might, too?

PEOPLE Now caught up with the happy couple on Tuesday, and they dished on everything from wedding plans to their future bachelor and bachelorette parties.

First things first: Will Abasolo’s (notoriously protective) mom Olga help them plan their nuptials? While he was quick to shoot the idea down, Lindsay, 32, is totally fine with it.

“That’s actually not what I was going to say!” she said, laughing at her fiancé’s rapid-fire reaction. “I am open to suggestions from my mom, from his mom — she can help if she wants to.”

“They can chime in — she’s got ultimate authority, though!” said Abasolo.

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And while their wedding is still quite a long way away — the two are aiming for late 2018 or early 2019 — they’re not ruling out the possibility of televising it.

“We haven’t really talked about all of that yet,” said Lindsay. “I mean, never say never …. We’ll see.”

One thing they definitely won’t be doing, however, is following in the footsteps of The Bachelor‘s Ben Higgins and his (now-ex) Lauren Bushnell with a Freeform spin-off.

“I don’t want to,” said Lindsay. “I don’t want cameras in our lives again so quickly. I want to get the time to to know him. It’s been great, these three months without the cameras being involved in our relationship. And so I want to continue on that.”

Abasolo agrees, but he’s definitely more open to the idea than Lindsay, adding with a playful nudge that it could happen, “maybe down the line.”

For more on Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay’s engagement to Bryan Abasolo, including their thoughts on their big debut and plan for the future, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday

As for their bachelor/ette parties, the two are confident that hers will be much crazier.

“He’s misunderstood,” she said of her fiancé with a laugh. “He’s not the big partier ‘Rico Suave’ that everybody is trying to make him out to be. That’s all me — I’m the wild one.”

“Remember, I’m 37 years old!” said Abasolo. “All my friends are married with kids. How much fun can they really have at this point?”

Lindsay, on the other hand, says she has “more details about my bachelorette party than I do my actual wedding.”

“I’ve been planning this for years! All I can say is it’ll be a week long,” she said. “I want people to come in and out. Just come as you can! Everybody will be there. My Bachelor girls, my best friends from years, maybe guys … I don’t know, we can talk about that later. I want everything!”

Abasolo, who admits he’s “more of a homebody,” said he’ll probably do “the typical Vegas weekend or whatnot.” (And if you’re curious, Lindsay’s Bachelorette runner-up Peter Kraus is definitely not invited.)

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And while they’re certainly experiencing a whirlwind week of press, appearances and events, Lindsay couldn’t be happier to have Abasolo by her side.

“This day was a dream come true!” she gushed on Instagram Tuesday. “Bryan you have shown me a love that I’ve never had before. You’ve challenged me in ways I could have never imagined. This road was not easy but you have been my rock and still are my rock through it all.”

“We found love in such a public way but the depths of our love is something that only we will know and will have between each other forever,” she continued. “I would do it all over again if it led me back to you.”

“You are my better half and thank you for being just who you are and never changing for anyone,” she added. “Thank you for always taking the high road and thank you for loving me unconditionally. I love you with all of me @thebryanabasolo and more than I could ever define to you! I am so excited to spend forever with you.”