“Prenup Battle Blows Up” Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Wedding Is Made-Up Story

Miley Cyrus Prenup Battle

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A story claiming a “prenup battle” has “blown up” Miley Cyrus‘ wedding to Liam Hemsworth was made up. Gossip Cop can expose this fake news.

The completely inaccurate article can be found in the current issue of In Touch, which dramatically blares, “Prenup Battle Blows Up Miley’s Wedding.” A so-called “insider” claims Cyrus has “really been focused on all the details” of the nuptials. But according to the tabloid, “One dreaded detail has just derailed the whole thing: The prenup.”

It’s alleged “the singer’s management team” has urged her to “protect her $160 million fortune,” but Hemsworth isn’t on board. “The prenup is causing a huge rift between them,” a supposed “source” is quoted as saying, with the aforementioned “insider” asserting the actor is “successful in his own right and doesn’t feel they need him to sign papers to stop him from going after her money.”

Consequently, “the wedding is off for now,” maintains the outlet’s purported “insider.” The gossip magazine says the dispute has “put a serious hitch in their plans” because “they’ve been fighting nonstop about it.” Contends the publication, “[Cyrus] decided to put the wedding plans on hold until things cool down. But the tension between them is unbearable.”

That’s funny, because she and Hemsworth are all smiles in a new Instagram photo he shared with the caption, “My little angel and I.” That was posted days after Cyrus took to social media to celebrate their “first smooch 8 years ago” in honor of International Kissing Day. Both indicate In Touch has no idea what’s going on with the couple, and as Gossip Cop readers know, the publication never has.

Last September the tabloid also claimed Cyrus and Hemsworth’s wedding was “off.” In that tale, the supposed reason was because he allegedly felt “rushed.” Such a problem isn’t mentioned in this new tale about a prenuptial agreement allegedly being the reason they haven’t tied the knot. But the real reason there haven’t been any nuptials hasn’t changed: Contrary to countless stories from the gossip media, the couple never had any specific wedding plans lined up.

So, in lieu of an actual wedding, In Touch and its ilk are peddling stories of strife. This angle, however, isn’t even original. Gossip Cop busted RadarOnline last fall for wrongly alleging Cyrus and Hemsworth were in a “bitter prenup battle.” And in March, Life & Style similarly published falsehoods about Cyrus and Hemsworth fighting over a prenup. But such an agreement has never been at issue, and all claims to the contrary have always been fake news.

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